Saturday, August 20, 2016



We went to capital! We had interviews, I had a TON of food!!! My camera's battery died... And I saw a friend from home!! And I left a clean slate for the new visero Elder Thomas!

So this week was the final week of my mission, and man was it busy! We had tramites on Wednesday in the morning over in Immigration (my last time :´( ohh...) and it was good, we only had a few complications but it was a good time!

Then that night I went over to the assistants pench to sleep over with Elder Pribyl and another Elder that was going home because we needed to be in capital at 8:30 in the morning. And we took a train over to Capital and MAN was it packed in the morning, and once you thought it wasn't full enough people started to take a running start to shove themselves into the train... Yipee... Ha, but we saw a ton of things in capital! We saw the Colon Theatre, the Obelisk, the ¨Boca¨, and a Ginormous super super super rich cemetery, but it was really fun, Buenos Aires has a ton of interesting Culture.

On Friday we went with the whole group and President Calquin and his wife over to the temple, which was AWESOME. An amazing moment with a ton of inspiration and setting some goals and pace marks for me when I get home while I was in the Celestial Room. Next we went to a restaurant to go eat that was pretty much right next to the Temple, and then we headed over to the Mission House to have our final Interviews! I got to know all the people in my group a lot better, and they are all such awesome people! There are 3 Americans, 2 chileans, a Spaniard (not sure that´s what they call people from Spain), and one from New Zealand.  The one from new Zealand says that she goes to Issac Preston´s town all the time! So maybe one day they will get to know each other! 

During our last district meeting it was REALLY REALLY hard for me, because this is by far my favorite district!!  We all had a really good time and we did some practices and then our district leader Elder Colman had everyone share a 3 minute testimony about the Atonement and Missionary work and when he has said that I knew that the tears were gonna come! Especially because I was going to go last and everyone´s testimony were rock solid! But yeah I cried but it was OK because I love my district so much!!  After I decided to make them something... ¨From Home¨... Mom´s famous cheesy bean dip!!! AND IT WAS SOOO GOOD! But then Elder Colman decided that the last song was going to be ¨Sing we now at Parting¨ SO that just brought the tears RIGHT BACK!! HaHa

The Elder that did the visas before me came to visit Buenos Aires with his parents.  It was so awesome to see him!!

The Office Elders and Elder McFarland (Kevin)

Ok so some final words. And to be honest I would really just like to share this scripture from D&C 76:22... ¨And Now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which [I] give of him: That He lives!¨ 

I testify that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives and that as a representative of him, I know that he has atoned for the sins of the world. That every single human being has the power to be healed from spiritual, emotional, and physical wounds through the healing power of his eternal sacrifice and the restored power and authority of God on earth today. He is the reason why we all exist, and if he is not the center in our existence then we better take a step back and try to look over life one more time. Because through him, we might receive the most precious gifts of all the gifts of God. Which is shown to us in D&C 6:13... ¨... thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God; for there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation.¨ 

Thanks for all the love, help, and support that you have all given me so that I could be able to testify in His name and be His servant.

Love you all and can´t wait to see you all this coming week!!

With all my love and Appreciation!

Elder Ward

Monday, August 15, 2016


OK so yeah this last Monday we had interviews, and it was super awesome! President Calquin talked a lot about talking with everybody and testifying of Christ in EVERY opportunity that we get. And next week I will have my last interview with him, and I can´t believe that this is the second to last time that I will be writing you guys!!! My next email I will probably get super spiritual and make you guys cry a couple times so I will keep this email a little more on the lighter side of life, haha. But it was good, he is doing the interviews a little different from how President Thurgood did it but yeah different is good! Right?

A funny story, we were at a dinner appointemnt with some members and we shared a scripture and all that and the appointment was super good, and the moment was perfect to ask for referrals, and out of no where the dad of the house said that the other day he was reading the bible and that he made a conclusion on Noah´s ark and how Noah could actually manage the whole animals in the ark. He said that he didn´t take 2 of every animal BUT he actually took DNA of every animal species, and that way the boat was actually much smaller too so that everyone could fit on it... Uhh... Ok... AND after the the spirit went flying right out the window... WHOOSH! Haha but yeah we shared the scripture in Lucas that says for God nothing is impossible but that he does everything in a perfect dominion.

Every night that we are going out we just keep talking with more and more people! I just hope that as we are doing this we will be able to find the next reactivation or baptism. Elder Tobler has been here a really long time and he deserves a baptism! Let´s just hope that we keep working the way the Lord wants us to and then we will see the miracles.  There is a missionary that ended the mission here in adrogué a couple transfers back and she told me this... We need to believe before we see, not see before we believe.

Next week we have 4 tramites planned so I will definitely be super super busy up till the last minute and I might have to rearrange some finishing missionaries plans so that I can make sure I can show Elder Thomas how to do all the visa stuff before I leave because well... After I leave I won´t be too close for questions, haha but luckily email exists!

Today we went shopping for some stuff that I want before I leave! It was really weird because we went like to a busy place and it´s a Saturday night... I felt like I was just kickin' it on the town, but as a missionary, haha. It was weird.

Well hope all of you have a good week! Something that I learned this week while I was reading The bible was something very interesting in Matthew 10:37.  It talks about that we should love God more then our families and that hit me... That´s some heavy stuff! It was weird to think that people I love so much should be put under somebody. But God is our All mighty and all powerful Father. He deserves it!!
Well I hope that you all enjoy this next week!!!

Elder Ward

p.s. wow this is weird... my second to last email... I CAN´T DO THIS!!! THIS IS SO WEIRD!!! LOVE YOU!!!


SOO THIS WEEK in the wonderful world of Adrogué (my area, haha)...

SO this week we found some new people to teach! One of them was a referral from the elders whose area is right next to us. He is super cool! Haha, his wife is a Jehovah´s witness so she doesn´t want ANYTHING of anything to do with us, but we had the first lesson with him on Wednesday.  We had another lesson scheduled with him yesterday in the church, but he didn´t show up.  As we were walking to our area we saw him walk out of a casino and he was drunk... Haha so yeah we got some things to talk about, haha but everyone has the potential to change!  It was funny because we talked to him when he walked out of the casino (because we walk right in front of it to get to our area) and when we said goodbye to him another one of our investigators walked out of the Bingo (that´s what the casino is called here) And the ¨Bingo¨ is right next to the ¨Shopping¨ (that´s what they call a mall here, haha).

So because we have a new mission president all of the legal stuff isn´t set in stone yet... For example, the mission presidents like sign checks for stuff that the mission does, but that hasn´t been finished yet so President Calquin can´t sign checks for the church yet... SOOO that means that pretty much the mission doesn´t have money, and no money means no tramites... Oh Shucks! haha, but I have been helping everyone else a little more and finishing tedious tasks for them that maybe they didn´t have time to do, but also Elder Thomas (the comp I had for a week) is coming back tomorrow!!! So I will keep training him for these 2 weeks and hoping that he memorizes everything, because if he doesn´t he will be making a lot of international calls because all of the other old viseros have all finished their mission so yeah... We´ll see what happens. 

Usually missionaries have like a 24 hour division with their district leaders but for some reason Elder Colmán and I had one for 30 minutes, but right as we got to our area we contacted every house on the first block, and one of the families let us in! The kids were super cute and right when we walked in the house one of the little kids screamed, ¨are you guys Japanese???¨ and the other one said ¨no they are from Paraguay!!¨ Well that was definitely a first... Haha me and my comp were dying.

There was a wedding reception in the stake center yesterday and since no one cleans the church we got the task to clean it... all that we had to work with was a broom, a squeegee, some bleach, and some floor was quite the feet.

Well hope all of you have a good week!!! 

Elder Ward

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Ok so luckily this week has been way better on the side of proselyting.  We have left the offices at 6 on the dot or on somedays we left even earlier! We are just trying to alzar nuesrto hoz as much as we can!! And this week we found 3 new investigators! One is a lady that we found by contacting and the other 2 are a couple that was a reference from some elders that contacted this guy in the area that is right next to ours!

We also had members go out with us 3 days this week.  So I think slowly but surely we are working a little harder.  There is still room for a lot of improvement! I gotta keep on keepin' on so that I can hit the brick wall at the end of my mission sprinting!!!

Elder Thomas still has not come back yet. He will be coming here in a week. I will have pretty much a week to train him because the last week is full of all the ending missionary stuff where we go to capital and take a tour and have our last interviews with president and all that jazz. So I pretty much have a week to train that champ! Let´s hope that he is a fast learner!!!

The mission president is awesome!  He hasn´t really made any HUGE changes yet. I think his 3rd or 4th transfer here in the mission he will be changing it to the way that he likes and all that stuff. But actually the week after I leave President Packer´s son (Elder packer who is now the President of the South America South Mission) is going to be in the offices for 3 days directing it and teaching us (well I won´t be here haha) how a mission office really needs to work and how we need to do everything and yeah so woohoo! I am sad that I am not going to be here to learn from Elder Packer but oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to be here when he comes.

This last weekend there was a stake activity in the church and they were cooking something. Well everyone left and they had forgotten that they had left the oven on and it is industrial so it is suuuuuper suuuuper hot. The table right next to it caught on fire and just destroyed the whole kitchen! Luckily the fire didn´t enter into the gas lines but it was seriously a miracle because the fire just stayed inside of the kitchen and didn´t affect any other part of the church! But yeah that was super crazy.  On Sunday morning we walked into the church (the activity was Saturday night) and it smelled like something was burning, so we were running around the church to find out what was burning and it was the kitchen, but the flame was out and the whole place was just charcoal black from the fire.. SO yeah! Tender Mercies of the Lord!! Saved us on that one! Or I woudn't have been writing this message to you! Because there wouldn't be a church or a computer!!

The weather doesn't really get any getting colder then it is now.  It just seems to stay the same, haha freezing cold in the morning, and by mid day I need to take off my jacket and sweater because it is so stinking hot!!! I seriously don´t understand this weather down here! The humidity just kills me! You can never predict the weather!!!

So yeah well that was the week! Hope that cali was a blast and that everyone had a blast! 

Love you all!! Keep strong in the faith!
Elder Ward


So this week was EXTREMELY full of tramties!! I went over to immigrations every day except for Monday! It was quite the week! And seriously I love my assignment! It is so fun to be with all of the Missionaries of the mission and to get to know all of them and all their different personalities! They are all so awesome and all of them have a ton of desires to share the gospel! We were talking to a bunch of people over there in Immigraitones and sadly like almost all of the people that we talked to don`t even live in our mission but at least they said that someone could go over to their house! It was a cool experience and it was a goal that I had to do that because I am just sitting around for like 4 hours in the same place and why not take advantage of the situation and talk to some people! 

So this last Monday we also had a 3 hour training with President, and it was really interesting. It was a little long because he talked a lot about some business principles and all that jazz but it was also very useful! He is a really good business man and he actually worked in the area offices for Chile.  He said that the Church was a super high ranked business... Not really sure how that works but yeah... It was strange to me when he said that to think of the church like a business, but it also makes sense.  Because the Lord doesn`t only give us Spiritual Revelation but also Secular revelation to things such as what people should do for Work, how to be self sufficient and all that stuff.. Actually here in Argentina and I am sure all over the world the church has started to do self sufficient classes for the people of the church.  They want to help them to grow in their businesses and get a job and education and how to be smart with your money and the Argentine Government in some Province wanted to implement it! Super cool!

The church gets recognized in it`s own special ways I guess!

We also had a family night where we had a movie night! I have pics but i can`t send them because the computer in this cyber doesn`t have usb ports, haha. But we started watching 17 miracles which I don`t think I have ever seen before! It was amazing!! It is about the Willie-Martin handcart company... I think... I LOVED IT! It just reminds me the amazing heritage that this church has! And me too! I am so grateful that I could have ancestors that were actually Pioneers! Hopefully we can make their sacrifice worth it but giving our all to the church and the Lord!

Well that's about it for this week! Hope you all have a good week in Cali and be sure to send a ton of Pics!

Elder Ward


Wow... Welll... IN THIS WEEKLY UPDATE. We had transfers, I got a new companion and lost him in the same week :´( , Elder Pozos had a birthday, we had english classes, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand same old same old... haha

So we had transfers this last week and we did it a different way because the last transfers were TERRIBLE. And they were really confusing for everybody and there were taxis everywhere. So this time we decided to put everyone in buses and actually it went super super well! Except for one part... Right when we went to go open the offices we put the key in the door and it wouldn´t open. so we decided to go ask the propiedades (like the people that fix the churches and that stuff) to see if they could call a locksmith. But then the guy came over and he just tried to open the door with the keys and then told us that the door was jammed. Yeah. THANKS! Yeah the ambiente was a little tense that morning because we had 140 missionaries showing up over there and we couldn´t even open the door... Haha But in the end it all came out good! We did it a lot faster and saved a ton of money doing it this way! Yay!

So I got my new comp that is named Elder Thomas... Aaaaand he was learning all the visa stuff really quick and then he actually had to leave. There was a new missionary that had to go home for problems that I don´t know, so they had to put him in there immediately.  It is the most dangerous area in the whole mission and the new comp that stayed hadn´t even been there for 4 days so yeah they sent Elder Thomas because he knows that area very well because he was there for a couple transfers. But he was sad that he had to go but supposedly he will be back in a couple weeks to finish his training before I go!

Elder Pozos (el Mexicano) had his birthday this past Thursday! And he turned 26! Wow... a little old, haha but he is awesome, he is a convert of 2 years and none of his family are members and he is a super trooper and he just rocks everyone's socks off!

We went prosylyting this week and we just keep searching for people! We had a lesson with some less actives that were actually progressing super well! BUUUT. (there is always a but, haha) the father of the family relapsed and started to drink and smoke again so we have to keep working with him! The wife is so willing to help and she is super active and an awesome member. But yeah we are just trying to little by little to improve sacrament attendance.

Sorry if I am just rambling a bit. Have a good week!

Elder Ward

Monday, July 11, 2016


So This week we got the transfers for this monday!!! And I am.............................................................. ...............................................................................going.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................................................. ................leave...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... my bags unpacked because I am staying here!!! But Elder Tobler and I have a new companion that mainly I am going to train but after I leave Elder Tobler will train him because he eventually he will take over both of our jobs!!  I think that it´s really cool that President is cutting down the number of missionaries in the offices so that there are less missionaries that have 3 hours of proselyting every day!

Yup so surprise! I keep doing visa stuff every week, haha, this week we went to immigraciones once and did what we call the ¨minibus¨ tramite where we go and do some boring tramite stuff that I will spare you the pain of listening to, haha. But this week some people from the area offices came to train me a little bit and help President Calquin understand the whole visa process. 

Today (Saturday) is Argentina´s Independence day! And it´s super cool because it is actually the 200th anniversary of their independence! So we decided to make a cake and eat it. Wooo, Ain´t no party like a missionary party!!! OFF THE HOOK!! WE MADE A CAKE! Haha. And then we played football... SOOOO I guess it was more like celebrating the states independence but yeah. 

This week we had another Family night! And I know that´s the only thing that I send pictures of but hopefully you still enjoy them. Haha


Well hope you all have a good week! I will make sure that this next week I have a little more to write about!
Elder Ward

Our Zone


So on Tuesday the Calquins arrived and during this whole week they have been going to all the stake center´s presenting themselves to the missionaries and it was so awesome to see them! I was so excited that I gave President Calquin a hug and then he said, ¨whoa! let´s hold the hugs til the end!¨ but yeah, haha it was pretty neat. President and Sister Calquin are from Santiago, Chile. They have been married 32 years I think... and they have 3 kids.  One is going to be here in a week and he is going to finish a year of school and then he is going to go on his own mission! They are just super super energetic and fun-loving, and really funny and just awesome! I love and Cherish the service that the Thurgoods did for us and for the Lord.  And I love the Calquins too!! I think the hardest thing in the world would be to choose my favorite mission president... Because they are ALL SO AWESOME!! They are all role-models for me and I look up to and admire everyone of them!

This week was quite the busy week for tramites! One night we had 10 people sleeping in our pench! They all live far away and had to come the night before.  It was super super cool to see all of them! I think that my assignment out of all the office assignments is the best! I get to know everyone in the whole mission! When all the people were staying over I was talking to everyone and Elder Tobler asked me how do you know all of these Elders? and yeah it´s because all of them have to have tramites! LOVE BEING THE VISA GUY!! Well... Except for that the one night the missionaries decided to make a launching pad out of some mattresses and then they landed on the other side of the room on some mattresses... I told them to stop. I felt like an old man, but yeah... YAY.

Eler Tobler and I were talking and he told me that being in this area for more then 6 months has killed his animo about missionary work. So we decided that we are going to change. This last time that we went out proselyting we talked with a lot of people! And even though we didn´t get received, we are still as happy as can be! Because if we are putting all we can into this work, we will just be as happy as can be! If we are striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, and applying all if it´s principles to our lives we will be happy, ecstatic, joyful, sonriente (I don´t know the word in English) and just EVERYTHING! We will just have a top notch life! No matter what trials we are passing through!

Love you all and hope that you all have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

Our last picture with the Thurgoods and the Mitchells - Our Office Fam

Saturday, June 25, 2016


The big new is we had a family night where ALMOST no one came, but then at the end we got 3 people!!!  So exciting!! 

SO yeah this week was really good! We got to go outside a lot more and do more proselyting! We did a ton of tracting and searching for old investigators and trying to find new ones but not too much success. Eventually we have found some people that were walking into their houses right when we got there so it was good to be able to talk to them because otherwise they probably wouldn´t have let us in their house! Ha.

Also the new mission President gets here this next Tuesday! Really the only preparations that we are doing is cleaning up the offices, getting our hair cut and dry cleaning our suits (first time I have done that my entire mission because this is the first area where I have found one!) but yeah... Nothing very WOW. But it will be super fun! We are all super sad that the Thurgoods and the Mitchells are going. This week they said their goodbye´s to all of the zones and we got to Hug Sister Thurgood and Hermana Mitchell (which to be honest isn´t the first time cause we are in the offices, haha). And they gave everyone some oreos (reminded me of the cookie jar that Grandma and Grandpa Shields have in their house!) and also a Album of all the people that have been in the mission since last July. And we sang for them and it was just super cool! Lots of tears. LOTS. 😭😭😭😭😭

President and Sister Thurgood

My next mission president!

And this is weird because the most exciting thing that happened this week is that our shipment of phones and phone chips finally came for the mission!! We got 25 each and spent a couple hours filing all the information and activating all the chips and writing the numbers on the chips and figuring out which chip goes to which phone and blah blah blah.  It is really good because there are some areas that don´t even have phones!  One thing that has happened here in Argentina is that there has been a little increase in inflation so we have had a few more robberies than normal, haha, but luckily no one has gotten hurt! we are very blessed and protected from the Lord that none of the missionaries have been hurt during these months!

Well hope all of you have a fantastic week and I am happy to hear that Erin had a SPECTACULAR Birthday!!

Elder Ward

Saturday, June 18, 2016


The new mission president comes in 10 days!! It is super sad that the Thurgood´s are going but I am excited that the Calquin´s are coming! This Tuesday, President and Sister Thurgood and the Mitchell's are going to come over to all the districts of 3 zones, then Wednesday they are visiting all the other zones and it will just be a take some pictures, cry a little, and all that Jazz. But they will be living in Utah, so I will get to see them!  I am SO grateful that I have gotten to know them. They are SUCH great examples in my life!

President Calquin will come 2 weeks before the next transfer but he won´t have to do any of the changes because President Thurgood and the Assistants are already going to have that done when he comes.  He just will be getting used to everything and the then next transfer will be interviews and luckily I am in the offices, because if I wasn´t that interview would be the only time I would meet the new mission president and then I would go home! CRAZY! But luckily I will be seeing him every Monday until the end of my mission.  I haven´t gotten any hints from President Thurgood that I am leaving so I can pretty much assume that I am staying here for the rest of my mission! WOOHOO!!

Elder Tobler and I are doing great!  He says to tell you the following... ¨We are doing Terribly... Terribly GOOD!!!¨

haha I just got a bloody nose right in the middle of writing you! WHODA THUNK!!!

We made a card for Elder Mitchell for Father´s day and this was our idea! It´s all the office people and the sisters that are in the ward.  Me and Elder Tobler are going to make him a cake tonight.

We are still working frantically to improve transfer meetings.  We are planning on calling in some buses to take a ton of missionaries to places that are somewhat close to their penches and then they just walk the rest of the way.  Because before we would ask for taxis for everyone and it just isn't really effective.  This week we have had at least 3 meetings about it, and this next week we are going to have one more with more people that are involved.  Then that´s it!  We hope that it will be a lot better for the new mission president and a lot less stress for everyone!

This week we have been trying to find some new people to teach. We have been talking with a ton of people and we have a couple appointments this week that could potentially be really awesome! Some of the main ones are 2 families that actually live right across the street from each other. The husband and wife are married (and that NEVER happens here) and they are very interested! So we hope that we can get them ready to be baptized! That is what we are looking for! The people that have been prepared beforehand by the Lord to listen to our messages!

I think that was it for this week. We didn't have too many lessons, just a couple with some less actives and some members trying to get some references from them. But yeah!

So Love all of you and hope that you all have a SPECTACULAR WEEK!!!

Elder Ward

P.S.  TELL ERIN THAT I LOVE HER SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH and that I hope that she has the best birthday in the entire world!  I can't believe she will be 12.  I miss her tons and I am so happy that she is going to be in Young Women's, she is going to love it!  She doesn't even need to do personal progress because she has already mastered all the qualities that they have in it and all that jazz!

No but seriously I think she should be exempt from doing it... She´s already PERFECT!!! LOVE YOU ER-BEAR!



Ok so this week we found some new investigators! WOO! It is a family that were actually a contact from the sisters that are in our ward.  They set an appointment with them and it was super good! They had received the missionaries before but had never read the Book of Mormon!  So we talked a lot about that because they thought that we worshiped Joseph Smith more then Jesus Christ. But yeah it was a super awesome lesson and we going back Monday to see how it went!

Also haha so yesterday I had legal stuff to do in Imagracions and the apartment elders had some stuff to do over there also.  They took one of the elders companions because they finished early and they needed to go look at something over in their new pench, to see if it was all good so that they could move in. So me and the other elder went over there to their area to end the division and we found the elders standing in the street with 5 police and some old guy yelling at everyone.  Turns out that no one really knew where the apartment was, so they just tried to open every house on the block.  I guess they figure when they found a door that unlocked, then they knew they were at the right place. BUUT. Some of the doors here are super cheep and if the door isn´t locked you can open it with another key and they opened the house of the old man and he was freaking out because he wanted to know how they got that key and all that jazz.  Luckily the police were really nice and understanding or else we totally could have gone downtown for trespassing!! So yeah that was super super fun... Always an adventure being in the offices. 

We had a zone conference in the temple! It was super awesome and it was like president´s last goodbye and it was really sad but it was awesome. Lots of things learned. 

We also had a family night last night but the only people that showed up (surprise) were just the missionaries. AND then bishop entered and we were all excited and he told us that he had an interview and then he was leaving... SOOO YEAH... 

We had an investigator that just dropped us, her aunt (that isn't a member) talked her out of it and told her a bunch of junk and now pretty much she doesn't want to get baptized. But that was when we went by like 3 days ago so we will see this Sunday if anything has changed when we see her family that are members. But yeah that kind of put a dent in our plans!!

The new mission president arrives the 28th of June. We are feeling pretty stressed!   There are some things that aren't really the best and we want to change them now so that when the mission president comes he just thinks that that is how it always was. We are changing how and where we do the transfer meeting because the last couple have been a disaster and we are making appropriate adjustments to make it better!! But in the end it will just depend on how he likes things and how he wants it.  We are just ship shaping everything up here in the offices because there has always been a senior couple here and now that they are leaving we have to be a lot better and make sure we are on our toes! 

So yeah that´s about it. 

Love you all! Something that I wanted to share this week was about LOVE. When I was in the temple I read in Matthew 25:40-46. And they are really good! I highly suggest that you read it!!!

Have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This week on Monday we had transfers. Elder Tobler and I like I said last week stayed the same. But the meeting was CRAZY!! 18 people didn't get to the meeting on time, we started an hour late, lots of people were angry (the taxis guys), everyone in the offices was way stressed out, and it ended like an hour later then usual. So this Friday we had a meeting with some of the members that work with calling all the taxis and all that jazz, and we had a ton of good ideas to change it around so that we can make this thing better. 

We haven´t had internet all week.  It went out on Monday and it didn't come back up until Friday morning.  We had to go over to the Thurgoods to use their internet because our half of our job requires internet. So that was super fun to chill out in the Thurgood´s house! They gave us lunch too!

We had a lesson with a family that was a referral from some members in the ward and now the little girl has a baptismal date! The parents are members but they are less active! So we are hoping to get the whole family on the same boat over to the celestial kingdom! WOOHOO!!

And so this was funny. One day we were over at the Mitchell´s house using THEIR internet.  When we were done, we had to leave to go over to the church to make our lunch.  Elder Mitchell asked us if anyone wanted to use the bathroom before we left. And me not thinking at all not even meaning the double meaning said ¨Go now, or forever hold your peace.¨ And everyone just burst out in an uproar and it was just a little later that I had realized what I said.  I was a little embarrassed because the Mitchell's were there, but they were laughing so I guess it´s alright... OOPS!

Hermana Mitchell is getting pretty trunky... Haha so on Wednesday (the first of June) we walked into the offices and she started singing to us ¨It´s June¨ over and over and over again, haha it was super funny. I think everyone is excited to see their familes. President wouldn´t dare say it, and President makes sure Sister Thurgood doesn´t say it. And the Mitchells just do what they want, haha. But yeah they are all super focused and all ready to keep helping the mission and making it better!

Love you so much!!!

Well have a good week mom!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Elder Ward

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Transfers are tomorrow! And I am staying, haha real shocker! But I was like 100% sure of that. But Elder Ginatto is leaving!!! I¨m so sad! We had such a good time together when we were comps and I seriously hope that he comes up to the states so that we can see each other after the mission and hang out because I only have 2 transfers left and I highly doubt that I will see him in the transfer meetings because he is doing a white wash (when they take out both of the old missionaries and put in new ones) like I did in Ezeiza. 
We also have a new elder coming in that is going to replace Elder Ginatto and his name is Elder Bickmore. He was in my district when I was back in Laferrere so I know him pretty well and he is super cool! He´s from Cali and was actually a wrestler in college before he got over here! Not sure what college but yeah we are good friends.
So we have 2 main investigators that we are working with. We have a couple that is super young (she is 17 and he is 21) and they want to get baptized really bad... BUUUUUT. She can´t get married until she is 18 and her Birthday is in December... AND she could get married if she could get a signed permission from her dad but she hasn't had contact with her legal father for years. But they are doing alright, they are having some couple issues and have fought a little so they haven´t come to church these past 2 weeks, but we are gonna go look for them again tomorrow to help them out!

And we also have an old investigator that actually has had a lot of fear in being baptized, but we went over with a certain member that we thought would be good and it turns out that they are actually childhood friends! And they talked a lot and about baptism and in the end he decided that he is going to come to church this Sunday because we have a baptism right after the service and he wants to see what it´s like to help him with his decision! WO!

So our next transfer will be our last transfer with President Thurgood.  We are going to have Zone conference (it´s when we have like a training with our zone and the president and the assistants, and we are going to have it over in the temple! We are going to go to a session, have lunch and then have the zone conference! It is going to be super awesome and I am excited to see what the Presidents "last sermon¨ (I guess you could say) will be. He is so awesome and I am so glad that I have been able to get to be a missionary under him!!!
So other things that happened this week is that we had a family night with the Brother and Sister Mitchell in their house with all the people that are in the offices! It was super fun! Elder Ginatto gave a super awesome thought about creating Zion wherever we may be and that we can work to make the offices a mini Zion in this mission! And we really can strive to make our homes, cars pretty much every where we go Zion! I mean we can just be like an RV that has a little part of Zion in it! But we can only achieve it if we obey the commandments of God and strive to be more like him and our Savior everyday!

And I did some more tramites (visas)  and I keep forgetting to take pictures of people doing tramites during the week!!! But I will take some in these coming weeks, haha I actually just have to find my charger or buy another one because I can´t find my old one :/ so yeah oops, haha. 

But love you guys so much and hope that you all have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

Monday, May 23, 2016


Transfers are coming up but we haven't heard anything yet.  President doesn't tell us until the Wednesday before transfers, but I think that I will be staying here that´s for sure, haha. 

The weather is just getting colder and colder. I have a jacket on everyday now, which is weird because it seems like it was only a couple weeks ago that I was dying of heat and wearing a short sleeve shirt everywhere.

We get  to go out proselyting every day from 6-9. So three hours a day, usually on P-days we don´t go out, just only if we have a lesson planned.  We have to work in the morning on P-Day and then the  rest of the day we have to get our p-day stuff done. So yeah that´s a little different then usual, haha.

Everyone is the office is doing well!  We do have a new companionship that just came in that is causing a couple of small problems because they don´t really pull their load here in the offices like with lunches and all that stuff, but we started to make some schedules so that everyone has their turns to cook and clean. But yeah we all get along really well! We are all super good friends.
The Familia Marquez got sealed on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally don´t think I will be able to express my joy through an email. But pretty much just imagine me jumping up and down with a huge smile in my face screaming ¨THE MARQUEZ FAMILY GOT SEALED!!!¨ But yeah. I am as happy as can be! It was seriously such an AMAZING experience to be able to see them again after so much time and to be able to get an update on their lives, I mean we have been emailing and writing letters to each other and all that Jazz but yeah. And then the sealing was just WOW. I can´t even explain it. I haven´t felt like that ever. The spirit was seriously so strong in that room it was amazing. I mean this is what we are all working towards in this life, that is the goal for everyone, to get to that point and just keep going faithfully on with your life. I just felt so much love for that family and have so much love for them!   Here are some pics!! I got to be one of the witnesses of the ceremony!!

Testigo means Witness 

It makes me so happy to know that I am sealed to my family for all of time and eternity and that I can be with them forever if I live the commandments of our God!

Well I hope that you can share this message with all your friends, that really and truly families can be together forever through the power of the Priesthood. I know that after that sealing I have a lot more desires to get out there and share this message with a lot of people!!

Well hope you all have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

P.S. On our way walking home from the temple we ran into Dany.  He lives in my old area La Ferrere.  He is a police man and he was out on patrol.  It was so awesome to see him again!!!!


So this last week we had a super good lesson with one of the investigators.  We were on splits and it was me and Elder Pozos. We had a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and we made sure that he understood the purpose of why we are here on this earth.  After we had shared that, he told us the reasons that he was really holding back on baptism. He was afraid of leaving behind his family and friends and not being there for them because he would be in the church so much, haha. We explained that this is the plan of Happiness and that that wouldn´t happen. We shared a scripture with him and it was really awesome! 

Elder Tobler and I are getting along super well.  Almost......too well, haha P-Days are just spent with us talking and talking and then we realize that we have to actually get some stuff done. But we are all good friends, Elder Tobler is going to the Y so he is definitely going to visit and if he doesn't I will just kidnap him, and Elder Ginatto said that he really wants to go to BYU but he can´t decide. So we´ll see, but if he goes over there is no WAY that he isn´t stopping by the house.

We also got the opportunity to (try, haha) to do some visits with the Elder´s Quorum president, who is a little inactive. It was really awesome to see that the real purpose of  missionary work is to give people a lot of desires to do better themselves.  That way they can help others understand and be able to keep God´s commandments.

We also had a Family Night in the church yesterday! It was super awesome. They taught also about the Plan of Salvation (lots of that this week! Ha) and while people from the congregation were sharing comments, a family shared that they had recently (like 30 minutes before the family night had started) found out that one of their uncles had died. And yes they were sad, like someone naturally should be. But They were still at the family night supporting the ward! They were a huge example to me that the knowledge of this plan is such a blessing. Like when Grandpa Ward died. I can´t even imagine how I would have reacted if I didn´t know about this plan. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DO KNOW ABOUT IT!! And especially for the opportunity that I have to share with people that that they won´t have to feel such a deep sorrow when their loved ones pass away!

President and Hermana Thurgood and the Mitchells are starting to get ready to go home.  I mean nothing crazy! I mean the craziest thing is that they are putting in new things for the new mission president, like they are painting the walls in the offices, and thay are replacing windows and stuff like that.  One day we helped the Mitchell's move some clothing over to the mission home that they were taking home but that´s pretty much it, it is pretty chill over here. Haha except the Hermana Thurgood is SUPER trunky, but what mom wouldn't be after not being able to see her family for 3 years!

Well have a good week and I hope that you guys do the same! Share the Plan of Salvation/Happiness with someone that you know! You won´t regret it!

Love you!

Elder Ward


These Cute Elders sand "I Often Go Walking".  Best Mother's Day Present Ever!!  Thank you Elder Ward and Elder Tobler!!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Well this week I had a TON OF visa stuff this last week, usually I go out like once a week but this last week I went out 3 times and next week I have to go out 3 more times! I mean the only thing that I do is stand and tell the missionaries where to go, but man it makes me tired standing in the same room for like 4 hours every morning!! Next week I will send pics about some of the visa things that I do. 

This week we haven`t had internet in the offices for like 4 days.  That is really bad because we can`t really do much of anything, I mean I can because practically all of my stuff is written and all in my head.  But we have to do reports and all that Jazz and those cannot be done without the internet.  But the good news is we have been leaving the office earlier and going proselyting!! 

And this week Elder Mitchell (the husband in the missionary couple) came and spent the afternoon proselyting with us!! It was so fun! I mean anytime he wanted to talk we had to translate for him but it was so cool. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel and I hope I can keep strengthening mine too!! One night we were talking about the 2nd coming to a less active family and Elder Mitchell said that one of the best ways to prepare ourselves is to ALWAYS be thinking about the savior and his life and what he has done for us. WOW! What a great insight! But while he was out with us he tripped a little and today we had to take him to the hospital because his hip was hurting him a lot from the fall. It turns out that he is starting to have arthritis in his hips! Poor guy. 

And so some new elders have come into the offices that are being trained by the Mitchells.  The Mitchells will be leaving with President and Sister Thurgood  in the middle of the next transfer so that have to start training them.   I DON'T WANT THEM TO LEAVE! But it will be fun because I think the Thurgoods are going to live in Salt Lake, and the Mitchells live in Kaysville. So I will be able to see them after the mission whenever  I want!

So Elder Tobler and I are companions and we get along great! You might say we get along too well!! Haha we don`t want to do anything but just talk. But seriously Elder Tobler is awesome, he has been a friend since I got to know him when we were both in the Gonzalez Catàn stake when I was in Lafererre, and yeah. He`s awesome! He`s from Boulder City (a little town right next to Las Vegas), he has 3 brothers, his dad is a school teacher and a part time DJ. Haha I thought that was pretty cool. 

I had to switch apartments, but it was no big deal.  The pench is literally in the same building so I didn´t even need to go to far, haha. 

Elder Ginatto's comp is  Elder Pozos from mexico. HIJOLE!! (show that to dad, haha) He is going to take Elder Ginatto`s job, and if I stay here for another transfer which is very likely, I will probably be his comp next transfer... I think...

Now I am pretty much  in the office from 9.30 in the morning till 6. And from 6 to 9 I get to go  proselyte!! WOO!!!  Its so great to go out and have lessons and get to know the members!!

Well that`s about it! Love you all so much and I will see ya the next week!!!

Elder Ward

When not one person shows up for our Awesome Family Home Evening Activity.


Our email this week.....

SO yesterday we had the option to go out proselyting or write a long email to the families, annnnnnd we picked the first one... Still love you guys though! I will send you a big email next week!!!

Elder Ward

But we also got one from Sister Mitchell....

Good morning, 

Last week I sent your great son a email asking all the information for his return home and I just have to let you see what he sent me back.

Sister Mitchell:  What country will you be returning home to?
Elder Ward:  Tahiti

Sister Mitchell:  Will there be someone to meet you at the airport?
Elder Ward:  Yeah it´s a family vacation

Sister Mitchell:  Which email should me send your travel plans to?
Elder Ward:  (not my email)

Sister Mitchell:Which airport will you be flying into?
Elder Ward:  Tahiti, Papeete

I have the great privilege of working with these wonderful missionaries in the offices and we have loved getting to know and work with Elder Ward. Such a great Elder and  so willing to do the work that has been required of him. Never a complaint from him. You can be very proud of him, his desires to serve and do the Lords work is evident in everything he does. Thanks for sharing him with us.  His email from my response sure made me laugh…and he did actually sent me the right information.  We sure love him.  Have a wonderful Sabbath.

Hermana Mitchell
Mision Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

Sunday, April 17, 2016



The weather is pretty good, it has been raining the past few days, so it´s been a little chilly but other then that during the day it´s usually still pretty Hot. 
Well this week I got to know the names of the people that work in the migraciones place and like a bunch of them already know my name, haha so yeah that´s cool I guess. One of them lives in the same apartment building as the the zone leaders in my zone, haha.

My driving in Argentina is going great!  Haha I mean because it rained for like the past 3 days the roads were super slippery and we saw a ton of accidents, but we haven´t gotten in one yet!!

We got a new shipment of bikes.  And since they look all shiny and new, we have to make them look a little more uglier so that people don´t steal them.

Also THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!! It got here this week! I loved all the Hi CHews, the Peanut Butter, the maple syrup, the macadamia nuts (THE BEST!!!), the ties.   SO yeah all of it was super super awesome!! THANKS!!  I shared with all the Office people and they all Loved it too!

Well this Monday we have transfers. There will be a new assistant.  A new companionship of office elders are coming because they are going to replace the Mitchells. And my buddy elder Lowe is leaving the office. He was Elder Toblers comp. And I won´t be Elder Ginatto´s companion any more 😥 But I am going to be Elder Tobler´s Comp! So I will still be doing the Visa Stuff but now I will also be doing like a lot more computer work and entering baptism records and all that Jazz. So it should be fun. REEEEAL FUN. Haha

I love all the Elders in the office.  We are all super super good friends, we are sad that Elder Lowe is leaving, haha he has such funny stories. He is like CJ, stories are just funnier when they tell it.
Well have a good week!!! Say Hi to everyone for me! HAha

Elder Ward



IT was quite the week, we went to capital, we got a couple new pench's for some sister's and elders... I got a hair cut too like Nate! But obviously my hair is a TON shorter. Haha, I mean he still looks a little like a girl... But it looks better then it did!!!

Well yeah I mean to be honest this last week was pretty slow, I mean we did stuff but it was just kind of going through the motions... Payed some rents, did some legal stuff, drove the car, assembled some beds, drove the car, took some pics, and drove the car. OH! But this last Monday we had a district activity and we made tacos and home made ice cream! I had the idea to make like the bag ice cream, and it actually turned out pretty good!! But the ice cream machine is definitely better. 1,000,000 times better and it doesn't freeze your hands off, haha. 

It was also one of the other office elder´s (Tobler) birthday today so we decorated the office door and had some ice cream after lunch, haha partayyyy.

Well on my birthday lots of people sang to me which was super awesome, Hermana Thurgood and Hermana Mitchell made a cake for me because we had a meeting that same morning, the Hermanas in our ward made me some brownies, me and elder Ginatto had a sweet dinner over in our pench so it was just pretty much a ton of eating haha

I asked President Thurgood if he thought I would be in the office for the rest of my mission.  He said he literally doesn't know yet, haha he hasn't given it much thought, it just depends on how fast the couple that are here in the offices learn their job... and to be honest it is really slow...because they are never here, they are always out doing stuff that the President needs... But it's fine! I love whatever job I am doing!!!

Haha... we got to do 20 minutes of proselyting! We left the church contacted like 3 people and then went back, but one of the contacts that we did was pretty awesome. The lady knew a lot about the church and actually wanted to know more! So tomorrow night the Hermanas of our ward are supposed to go over there!

We have named our truck. In the GPS the icon is like a hawk so we call it the Falcon. Neat right?
But yeah we are hoping that this week we will try harder to get stuff done faster and get out to do some proselyting!

Well love you all and hope that you all have a splendid week!!

Elder Ward

Monday, April 4, 2016


So this weekend has been the best weekend for the past 6 months!!! Haha obviously because it's General Conference! I have only seen 2 sessions so far but I have learned so much from the Prophets, Seers, and Revelators that we have today! I just want to share some of my favorites from the Saturday sessions...

Elder Kevin R. Duncan

He talked about forgiveness. It really helped me to be humbled because earlier this week I was reading in Alma 37 (I think) that talks about our nothingness and what we really are. We are just so insignificant. But in the eyes of God we have plentiful worth. This reminded me that I shouldn't even THINK that I can judge someone for the things that they do in their life. None of us are better then the other. So there is no reason whatsoever that we shouldn't forgive them of the things that they have done against us, and also things that we have done against ourselves!

Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

We need to rescue those that are lost, afraid, and lonely! And when we rescue those souls... Like it says in D and C 18. 15-16 "How great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of your Father!" Everyone has worth in the sight of God. So they should have worth in our eyes too!!

Elder David A. Bednar

He talked about the Holy Ghost and saving ordinances mainly Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost and the sacrament. The thing that I liked the most is that he talked about how the Sacrament isn't the thing that really cleans us. Even though it is sanctified, it only sanctifies us when we really CHANGE our life. When we ACT in a different way. And when we strive to be more like our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

So yeah..

The week we pretty good, I had a TON of birthday wishes so I just want to say thanks to EVERYONE that wished me happy birthday! I really felt the love from all of you!!

So yeah... that's about it!!!

Elder Ward