Sunday, May 29, 2016


Transfers are tomorrow! And I am staying, haha real shocker! But I was like 100% sure of that. But Elder Ginatto is leaving!!! I¨m so sad! We had such a good time together when we were comps and I seriously hope that he comes up to the states so that we can see each other after the mission and hang out because I only have 2 transfers left and I highly doubt that I will see him in the transfer meetings because he is doing a white wash (when they take out both of the old missionaries and put in new ones) like I did in Ezeiza. 
We also have a new elder coming in that is going to replace Elder Ginatto and his name is Elder Bickmore. He was in my district when I was back in Laferrere so I know him pretty well and he is super cool! He´s from Cali and was actually a wrestler in college before he got over here! Not sure what college but yeah we are good friends.
So we have 2 main investigators that we are working with. We have a couple that is super young (she is 17 and he is 21) and they want to get baptized really bad... BUUUUUT. She can´t get married until she is 18 and her Birthday is in December... AND she could get married if she could get a signed permission from her dad but she hasn't had contact with her legal father for years. But they are doing alright, they are having some couple issues and have fought a little so they haven´t come to church these past 2 weeks, but we are gonna go look for them again tomorrow to help them out!

And we also have an old investigator that actually has had a lot of fear in being baptized, but we went over with a certain member that we thought would be good and it turns out that they are actually childhood friends! And they talked a lot and about baptism and in the end he decided that he is going to come to church this Sunday because we have a baptism right after the service and he wants to see what it´s like to help him with his decision! WO!

So our next transfer will be our last transfer with President Thurgood.  We are going to have Zone conference (it´s when we have like a training with our zone and the president and the assistants, and we are going to have it over in the temple! We are going to go to a session, have lunch and then have the zone conference! It is going to be super awesome and I am excited to see what the Presidents "last sermon¨ (I guess you could say) will be. He is so awesome and I am so glad that I have been able to get to be a missionary under him!!!
So other things that happened this week is that we had a family night with the Brother and Sister Mitchell in their house with all the people that are in the offices! It was super fun! Elder Ginatto gave a super awesome thought about creating Zion wherever we may be and that we can work to make the offices a mini Zion in this mission! And we really can strive to make our homes, cars pretty much every where we go Zion! I mean we can just be like an RV that has a little part of Zion in it! But we can only achieve it if we obey the commandments of God and strive to be more like him and our Savior everyday!

And I did some more tramites (visas)  and I keep forgetting to take pictures of people doing tramites during the week!!! But I will take some in these coming weeks, haha I actually just have to find my charger or buy another one because I can´t find my old one :/ so yeah oops, haha. 

But love you guys so much and hope that you all have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

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