Monday, January 25, 2016


Well Elder Funk and I are staying together for another 6 weeks!! WOO! So we hope that the couple people that we have found and are working with get baptized!!

We had a ton of miracles this week!  We were walking in the street and some girl ran up to us and said she had a question, I was expecting her to ask the usual ¨do you have a girlfriend¨ or something like that but she was genuinely interested in the message that we had, and her sister too!!  So we went by the other day and it was just a really good lesson, and they both have read and prayed and keep praying and say that they will keep praying till they know this is true! That was a miracle and just totally out of no where! And their mom too!! AND

Also a family that hasn't been to church in like 5 years came yesterday!  It was amazing and then they were talking with the rest of their family and pretty much thanks to them it sparked the rest of the family and now this next week we will have like 20 people at church that usually don`t come. AND

There was a family that came yesterday that was new and had just moved to Ezeiza and they want to hear the lessons and get baptized!  No one had even contacted them but they found the church and just came! AWESOME!!!

We had a huge storm that happened on Thursday night.  It was like a micro burst, and it was just CRAZY!!  Right next to our house a lightning bolt hit a transformer or something and the whole neighborhood`s lights went out.  We just barely got electricity back this morning, so it has been kinda terrible not having fans at night because it is so just hot and super humid.  Not much sleep has been had, haha I actually started sleeping on the floor because it is a lot cooler then being on the bed. I will chalk that up as another miracle since luckily no one was hurt.  It threw trees and roofs too!! We saw a handful of houses the day after that were completely missing a roof!!

We had the COOLEST THING EVER THIS LAST WEEK. This hasn`t happened for ten years but there was a broadcast from the church that was a training for missionaries WORLDWIDE! We had it on Wednesday and the training was titled ¨Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts¨.  It was so great!  We had a handful of really awesome talks, live training with missionaries in Ogden Utah, and just wow. It was an incredible experience.  It really helped me understand the importance of the spirit in this work. He is the teacher, and we are just vessels I guess so that the spirit can help the investigator, they said that the investigators probably won`t remember what we said, but they will remember what they FELT. 

That pretty much sums up my week. It was awesome and even more miracles to come this next week, I am sure of it!! Everyone pray for the ward of Ezeiza, that it can get better and grow and divide this year! Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Ward

Sunday, January 24, 2016



Well Elder Funk and I  are just getting better and better slowly but surely. Especially in our numbers, obviously numbers are not important but the things that are important are the names behind them and more numbers means more names!!!

This week we have some investigators that we had found this last week that also have a fecha bautismal!! It is so exiting! It is going to be in February so I hope that I am going to be there if  I don`t get transferred next week, but we will see!!!

We also just contacted a neighbor of a member that he felt like we should go talk to him and he is totally awesome! We are going back to have a lesson with him, his wife and kid on Wednesday!  He is super excited for the rest of his family to hear the message!!! And the member did not even know the neighbor! CRAZY!!!

I have a funny story that... Well I did not want to share it but Elder funk made me promise that I would tell the fam.  We were walking down the street just having a good time talking about the lesson we just had with some investigators and I said "Hi" to someone, with a lot of enthusiasm... Elder Funk looked around and didn't see anybody.  The only thing that he could see in sight was a dog, lying down on the sidewalk., and then came the question... ¨Elder Ward... Did you just day hi to a dog?¨   I guess I had literally just said hi to a dog. 

I was as confused as my comp was and I was just speechless.  I had no explanation whatsoever... I mean Dogs have feelings too... Right?

 We have recently been helping a family start to do family nights and read the Book or Mormon daily and they have just opened their hearts to us!! They have given us 3 references just this last week! ALONE! So while we have been working more with the members we have been more blessed, so invite the missionaries over to church! I know it`s a little harder over there in Utah... I am not sure how it really is supposed to work but yeah! Just give them your friends! We listened to a talk by Russel M. Nelson that is titled ¨Ask the missionaries, they can help!¨ And well yeah... We can, haha with a sacred calling like this, I KNOW we can help. :)))

Well I think that`s all from me, hope you all keep livin' it up in the sun in Hawaii for another week and that you have the missionaries over for lunch! I mean dinner, haha or whatever. 

Elder Ward

Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Well this week was pretty... Normal. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, we had some lessons, we had some ups we had some downs.  At the end of the week me and Elder Funk were watching some videos about working better with the members that we had to watch as a part of Elder Funk`s training. We noticed that we needed to reevaluate and change somethings that haven`t been really getting better or really progressing, one of them was baptizing. We want to change that, also the way we work with the members and having like random service things where we help people. And then after that we started to have a REALLY GOOD WEEK!!!

You know I have never been in the water! And I hope that I will never be! Because I think that if a convert chooses a member over me then I did my job in finding them a friend in the ward. Because if they have a friend in the ward, they are more likely to stay active in the church.

So we had a miracle this week. We were walking on a really busy street and we saw that there was a man that was out pushing his car so we went to help him and we asked him where we were pushing it, he said oh just 7 blocks from here no big deal.... And that day it was SOOOOOOO HOT. It was three o clock and here that`s the hottest time of the day. So we start pushing this car and out of no where some kid that was out running yelled and asked if we wanted some help, we said yes obviously and he helped us push it over to the gas station. We were in our white shirts and ties and we were just drenched. Completely! When we got to gas station we asked the both of them if we could stop by their houses and teach their families! They both said yes and we were so excited. We taught both of them later that week and they are all excited to read the Book or Mormon! We called the family during the week to follow up and pretty much ALL of them have read and are super excited for our next visit!!

What a blessing, and I just keep thinking, wow. What would have happened if we didn`t go push that car? Who knows! Maybe they will all get baptized! We are going to have a lesson with the family of 6 (the kid running that came to help us) tomorrow and wow. MIRACLES PEOPLE! MIRACLES!!!

Well today we have a zone activity so that should be fun! And this morning we helped a member fix the roof of his porch! He is so awesome and very humble.  Its still super hot here, supposedly it is going to be this hot until April or May.  They took our girl bikes away from us like 3 weeks ago, and we have been walking ever since! Last week we were supposed to get new ones, they took them because some other sister`s needed to use them so yeah. Neat-o

So go do a random act of kindness!! That reminds me of 4th grade I think? We had to do a random act of kindness every week for Mrs. Jensens class... You would remember better mom, haha.

Serve someone this week! You won`t regret it!

I love you all and hope that you have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello Family!

Happy New Year!!  This New Years we stayed at home, made some churros that were actually super disgusting because we put way too much salt in them and they kind of just looked... Well... Less then appealing if ya ask me, haha but don't worry we bought some pastries from some professionals in case they didn't turn out!  I'd give us an A for effort.

Elder Funk and I are doing so great!  I will be done training him not this transfer but the next one so we will be together for a little bit longer, and least a month or 2 more!! WOO!!  This week we had a lunch with an awesome family! They just love the missionaries, even though the mom is a little inactive she just LOVES US!! So we went over there and we were talking over lunch and her 8 year old son was watching a little you tube video in English and she didn't know what he was watching. She asked Elder Funk to translate it and he said ¨Mira la cola¨which literally means look at that tail. But it Spanish tail is another way to say butt, and the mom freaked out!! WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING! And I just started cracking up and so did everyone else and wow. It was just super funny, and the little kid was just watching someone play an animal video game which is why he said look at that tail. OH man. I thought that was super funny, haha

 Yesterday Hectors Mexican food popped into my head... Yeah. That is some good stuff.  But I can live without Hectors because I LOVE Argentina and the people here. It just amazes me that how the people will let someone they have NEVER met in their entire life into their house. It just makes me realize the reality of the calling that I have... We truly are representatives of Jesus Christ! And I am not too excited for when that is taken away from me, haha well at least I can still be his disiple!

We actually received some really awesome references this week and we are just really being loved! We hope that we can return the love by working super hard and helping them to progress!

We had such an amazing miracle this week! Bueno nosotros encontramos 6 nuevos investigadores! Fue super genial, y esperamos un bautismo este semana que viene o la otra pero mas probably el 16, pero si tuvimos algo que fue milagroso!! Ayer nos acompañó un miembro el dia entero! Hablamos con muchas personas! Un dragón (una mujer mayor que le gustan los misioneros), un Jose Smith Hoy dia (tenia los mismos preguntas y cosas así), y con una familia que tienen muchas ganas de escuchar a nosotros, tuvimos la primera leccion y le gustaron mucho. Y El Obispo nos invitó a comer en su casa! Eso no ha pasado por meses! Asi que ayer fue un dia milagroso! **

So this Sunday was just awesome and sorry it is in Spanish but yeah I didn't realize I was typing in Spanish until I was halfway through and I was too lazy to write it again!

I just finished my full year in the mission. I feel like I am almost on the last stretch and I need to end a whole lot better then I started! Lately I am focusing a lot on reading the Book of Mormon. I am trying to finish it in English and in Spanish before this April (there was an area challenge to finish it before the next general conference). And I feel like I am just learning so many things! One of the things that has really caught my attention were the testimonies in the front. Really this book is true. There is a quote by the grandfather of Jeffery R. Holland that says ¨NO wicked man could write such a book, and no good man would write it, unless it were true, and he was called of God.¨

I testify that the Book of Mormon is true, and I testify that it was divinely translated and brought about to our knowledge! 

Well I gotta go - we have a big P-Day planned - haha.  Uh... Cutting our hair.. WOOOOOO

Well have a good week everyone! Chau!!

Elder Ward

**Translation from Google Translate
Well we found 6 new investigators!!  It was really great, and we expect a baptism this coming week or two but more likely on the 16th.  But we had something that was miraculous!!  Yesterday we walked with a Member the whole day!  We talked to so many people!  There was an older woman who likes the missionaries.  She had questions about Joseph Smith and the like.  Her and her family are eager to listen to us.  We had the first lesson and they liked it a lot.  The Bishop invited us to eat at his home!  That has not happened for months!  So Sunday was a miraculous day!!