Sunday, January 24, 2016



Well Elder Funk and I  are just getting better and better slowly but surely. Especially in our numbers, obviously numbers are not important but the things that are important are the names behind them and more numbers means more names!!!

This week we have some investigators that we had found this last week that also have a fecha bautismal!! It is so exiting! It is going to be in February so I hope that I am going to be there if  I don`t get transferred next week, but we will see!!!

We also just contacted a neighbor of a member that he felt like we should go talk to him and he is totally awesome! We are going back to have a lesson with him, his wife and kid on Wednesday!  He is super excited for the rest of his family to hear the message!!! And the member did not even know the neighbor! CRAZY!!!

I have a funny story that... Well I did not want to share it but Elder funk made me promise that I would tell the fam.  We were walking down the street just having a good time talking about the lesson we just had with some investigators and I said "Hi" to someone, with a lot of enthusiasm... Elder Funk looked around and didn't see anybody.  The only thing that he could see in sight was a dog, lying down on the sidewalk., and then came the question... ¨Elder Ward... Did you just day hi to a dog?¨   I guess I had literally just said hi to a dog. 

I was as confused as my comp was and I was just speechless.  I had no explanation whatsoever... I mean Dogs have feelings too... Right?

 We have recently been helping a family start to do family nights and read the Book or Mormon daily and they have just opened their hearts to us!! They have given us 3 references just this last week! ALONE! So while we have been working more with the members we have been more blessed, so invite the missionaries over to church! I know it`s a little harder over there in Utah... I am not sure how it really is supposed to work but yeah! Just give them your friends! We listened to a talk by Russel M. Nelson that is titled ¨Ask the missionaries, they can help!¨ And well yeah... We can, haha with a sacred calling like this, I KNOW we can help. :)))

Well I think that`s all from me, hope you all keep livin' it up in the sun in Hawaii for another week and that you have the missionaries over for lunch! I mean dinner, haha or whatever. 

Elder Ward

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