Sunday, April 17, 2016



The weather is pretty good, it has been raining the past few days, so it´s been a little chilly but other then that during the day it´s usually still pretty Hot. 
Well this week I got to know the names of the people that work in the migraciones place and like a bunch of them already know my name, haha so yeah that´s cool I guess. One of them lives in the same apartment building as the the zone leaders in my zone, haha.

My driving in Argentina is going great!  Haha I mean because it rained for like the past 3 days the roads were super slippery and we saw a ton of accidents, but we haven´t gotten in one yet!!

We got a new shipment of bikes.  And since they look all shiny and new, we have to make them look a little more uglier so that people don´t steal them.

Also THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!! It got here this week! I loved all the Hi CHews, the Peanut Butter, the maple syrup, the macadamia nuts (THE BEST!!!), the ties.   SO yeah all of it was super super awesome!! THANKS!!  I shared with all the Office people and they all Loved it too!

Well this Monday we have transfers. There will be a new assistant.  A new companionship of office elders are coming because they are going to replace the Mitchells. And my buddy elder Lowe is leaving the office. He was Elder Toblers comp. And I won´t be Elder Ginatto´s companion any more 😥 But I am going to be Elder Tobler´s Comp! So I will still be doing the Visa Stuff but now I will also be doing like a lot more computer work and entering baptism records and all that Jazz. So it should be fun. REEEEAL FUN. Haha

I love all the Elders in the office.  We are all super super good friends, we are sad that Elder Lowe is leaving, haha he has such funny stories. He is like CJ, stories are just funnier when they tell it.
Well have a good week!!! Say Hi to everyone for me! HAha

Elder Ward



IT was quite the week, we went to capital, we got a couple new pench's for some sister's and elders... I got a hair cut too like Nate! But obviously my hair is a TON shorter. Haha, I mean he still looks a little like a girl... But it looks better then it did!!!

Well yeah I mean to be honest this last week was pretty slow, I mean we did stuff but it was just kind of going through the motions... Payed some rents, did some legal stuff, drove the car, assembled some beds, drove the car, took some pics, and drove the car. OH! But this last Monday we had a district activity and we made tacos and home made ice cream! I had the idea to make like the bag ice cream, and it actually turned out pretty good!! But the ice cream machine is definitely better. 1,000,000 times better and it doesn't freeze your hands off, haha. 

It was also one of the other office elder´s (Tobler) birthday today so we decorated the office door and had some ice cream after lunch, haha partayyyy.

Well on my birthday lots of people sang to me which was super awesome, Hermana Thurgood and Hermana Mitchell made a cake for me because we had a meeting that same morning, the Hermanas in our ward made me some brownies, me and elder Ginatto had a sweet dinner over in our pench so it was just pretty much a ton of eating haha

I asked President Thurgood if he thought I would be in the office for the rest of my mission.  He said he literally doesn't know yet, haha he hasn't given it much thought, it just depends on how fast the couple that are here in the offices learn their job... and to be honest it is really slow...because they are never here, they are always out doing stuff that the President needs... But it's fine! I love whatever job I am doing!!!

Haha... we got to do 20 minutes of proselyting! We left the church contacted like 3 people and then went back, but one of the contacts that we did was pretty awesome. The lady knew a lot about the church and actually wanted to know more! So tomorrow night the Hermanas of our ward are supposed to go over there!

We have named our truck. In the GPS the icon is like a hawk so we call it the Falcon. Neat right?
But yeah we are hoping that this week we will try harder to get stuff done faster and get out to do some proselyting!

Well love you all and hope that you all have a splendid week!!

Elder Ward

Monday, April 4, 2016


So this weekend has been the best weekend for the past 6 months!!! Haha obviously because it's General Conference! I have only seen 2 sessions so far but I have learned so much from the Prophets, Seers, and Revelators that we have today! I just want to share some of my favorites from the Saturday sessions...

Elder Kevin R. Duncan

He talked about forgiveness. It really helped me to be humbled because earlier this week I was reading in Alma 37 (I think) that talks about our nothingness and what we really are. We are just so insignificant. But in the eyes of God we have plentiful worth. This reminded me that I shouldn't even THINK that I can judge someone for the things that they do in their life. None of us are better then the other. So there is no reason whatsoever that we shouldn't forgive them of the things that they have done against us, and also things that we have done against ourselves!

Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

We need to rescue those that are lost, afraid, and lonely! And when we rescue those souls... Like it says in D and C 18. 15-16 "How great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of your Father!" Everyone has worth in the sight of God. So they should have worth in our eyes too!!

Elder David A. Bednar

He talked about the Holy Ghost and saving ordinances mainly Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost and the sacrament. The thing that I liked the most is that he talked about how the Sacrament isn't the thing that really cleans us. Even though it is sanctified, it only sanctifies us when we really CHANGE our life. When we ACT in a different way. And when we strive to be more like our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

So yeah..

The week we pretty good, I had a TON of birthday wishes so I just want to say thanks to EVERYONE that wished me happy birthday! I really felt the love from all of you!!

So yeah... that's about it!!!

Elder Ward

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Hello Everyone!

We don't really have any special plans for my birthday,  I mean it is just a regular work day.  I was going to make German Pancakes because the traveling assistants are coming over tonight but I forgot to bring money to the store yesterday on P-Day... so yeah, I think we will have like a special something tomorrow because we have a meeting with president, his wife, the assistants, and all the office people, and they all told me that they would make something special!! Haha so it should be a good day! It will be a good birthday if we can go proselyting!! LEMME TELL YA! But we actually got to proselyte yesterday and it was super super awesome!!

I am getting used to driving here in Argentina.   Driving is just a little different here, I mean I had to get used to it for a while but luckily I have the hang of it now and will probably be able to do some hardcore road trips when I get back.  I mean I will probably be doing this for like 5 months soooo yeah. I will get fairly used to it by the time I get home, haha.  We usually talk like the whole time we are in the car and we listen to music, like EFY and stuff like that to keep us awake... But yeah we have listened to the music like 50 times already because neither one of us has a huge selection of music.

Elder Ginatto and I get along super super well, haha we have a ton of laughs together to keep ourselves sane from spending so much time in the car. But yeah, he told me that I have like the same personality of his best friend in Brasil that they have been friends together since they were like 3. So yeah. We are buds.

WELL so this week I had 2 "tramites"  and both of them almost went through without errors. ALMOST, haha.  Little by little I am learning! 

And also this week we got to go out proselyting for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! Haha we did like 8 contacts, and had a lesson with a new person we found! The lesson didn't go over too well because the guy pretty much thought he was God. Haha he was a little crazy, but that's ok, we are hoping that we can go more often so that we can find more people that are ready to hear and accept the gospel! 

This week in my studies I focused on patience. And there were 2 scriptures that I really really liked that I read. one of them was Romans 5 3-5, and to be honest I can't remember the other one. But the one in Romans talks about bearing our afflictions with patience and to rejoice in our afflictions because they will give us experience. 

Well have a good week, I love all of you and thanks for all the Birthday wishes! 
Elder Ward