Sunday, April 17, 2016



The weather is pretty good, it has been raining the past few days, so it´s been a little chilly but other then that during the day it´s usually still pretty Hot. 
Well this week I got to know the names of the people that work in the migraciones place and like a bunch of them already know my name, haha so yeah that´s cool I guess. One of them lives in the same apartment building as the the zone leaders in my zone, haha.

My driving in Argentina is going great!  Haha I mean because it rained for like the past 3 days the roads were super slippery and we saw a ton of accidents, but we haven´t gotten in one yet!!

We got a new shipment of bikes.  And since they look all shiny and new, we have to make them look a little more uglier so that people don´t steal them.

Also THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!! It got here this week! I loved all the Hi CHews, the Peanut Butter, the maple syrup, the macadamia nuts (THE BEST!!!), the ties.   SO yeah all of it was super super awesome!! THANKS!!  I shared with all the Office people and they all Loved it too!

Well this Monday we have transfers. There will be a new assistant.  A new companionship of office elders are coming because they are going to replace the Mitchells. And my buddy elder Lowe is leaving the office. He was Elder Toblers comp. And I won´t be Elder Ginatto´s companion any more 😥 But I am going to be Elder Tobler´s Comp! So I will still be doing the Visa Stuff but now I will also be doing like a lot more computer work and entering baptism records and all that Jazz. So it should be fun. REEEEAL FUN. Haha

I love all the Elders in the office.  We are all super super good friends, we are sad that Elder Lowe is leaving, haha he has such funny stories. He is like CJ, stories are just funnier when they tell it.
Well have a good week!!! Say Hi to everyone for me! HAha

Elder Ward

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