Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week we had a lot of success in finding new people!! It has been such a long time since we have found some good solid people that are going to progress and be baptized! Some of them are the aunt and uncle of one of our recent converts.  The other we just found out of simply talking to people and contacting!!! Finally!!

The weather is not warming up yet.  Today it's pretty much cold and rainy.  It warmed up for one day but that was it, then it just started to get cold again

I am super tired this week because we have been really focusing super hard on finding some people. We also  did a fast and I am still feeling it.  Man when I get home I am just going to sleep for at least 2 whole weeks, haha. But before that I gotta keep working super super hard!!!

But yeah I am just really tired, haha this will not be a super long email. I am just worked, and am gonna sleep for awhile today. But I hope that you all have a good week and that you all have your questions ready for General Conference!!

If you haven`t done it yet, make a question that you want responded and make sure you listen well to all the talks, maybe read them after, but you will find the answer! General conference is full of inspiration!!

For Conference we will be inviting people to come to listen to the Prophet.  We will watch it in the Stake Center, and the priesthood session with our zone because it starts at 9 here and that is out of our schedule!

Have a good week!!

Elder Ward

Monday, September 21, 2015


Well this week we had some exciting things happened.  Some recent converts said they never wanted to go to church again, Elder Avila threw up in the street, the other companionship in my apartment is having a bunch of problems and I am just right in the middle of all of it! WoO! Haha.

Our recent convert and her husband had a pretty bad fight and the both of them got mad and said things that they didn`t really mean or want to say, and not going to church ever again was one of the things. When I heard those words come out of her mouth my stomach just hit the floor. I just felt terrible. Luckily we talked a little bit to her and everything, did some service in the house (painted their little girls new room), and she came to church this Sunday, haha. PHEW!!

The other had a fight with one of her best friends that brought her to church and she didn`t want to go because the friend said something on facebook or like that and she was mad (girl stuff). But she came to church this Sunday too. So man I have just had a roller coster of emotions here.  One second happy and then completely devastated, haha.  Man I was super glad that in the end they both came to church. Let`s hope that they KEEP coming.

One day we were walking in the street one night and out of no where my comp said really quietly, I`m gonna throw up (in Spanish obviously, haha) and man did he throw up. Luckily we were pretty close to the pench so our day pretty much  ended there.

Transfers are this week but I am staying here with Elder Avila!  There are some changes in my zone, but that's alright, no big deal. 

This last Sunday I gave a talk about the 3 groups in Lehi`s Dream. And if you don`t know about the 3 groups go and read 1 Nephi 8, I hope that ALL of you can be the last group that Lehi sees in his vision, so read it to find out what we need to be doing!! Haha

Hope you all have a good week! 

Elder Ward

Monday, September 14, 2015


Well this week we walked a little more than usual but that`s ok! We had another service cleaning at that guys house. We cleaned the floors... AGAIN, and the kitchen, and we are supposed to have an asado with him. So we will see if we can clean that bad boy super well before we use it to cook, haha. 

This last week we had a Zone Meeting. And one of the things that struck me super hard was a ¨practice¨ that the zone leaders did. It was a practice to help us improve on how to do a comp inventory (when you tell your comp what bugs you and stuff).

This is the last P-Day before transfers.  So we need to do a super cleaning of the pench.

Yesterday we had a noche de hogar and we talked about a theme that I really like, and that is the simplicity of the gospel. We read a verse in 2 Nephi 1:20 that in English I don`t know what it says but its something like, If you keep the commandments you will prosper in the earth, and if you don`t keep them, you can`t enter into the presence of God. Literally it is simple. Their are 2 choices, one is good that will help you grow spiritually, and the other is bad that will diminish you spiritually. It`s that`s simple, and we already know the one that we should choose... So why don`t we choose it?

We know we should go to church but sometimes we don`t.
We know we should go to seminary but sometimes we don`t.
We know we should read the scriptures everyday but sometimes we don`t.

And I think the solution is in D&C (I don`t remember the section) where God commands us to not be Idle. 

Well I have a long way to go to not be idle in all things but I think all of us could try to do a little better in that subject.

You asked me what is the hardest thing on the mission and what I love the most.  Here you go..

I think the hardest thing that I have struggled with on the mission is opening my mouth and just talking to everybody, I mean yes I still do it but every time that I do it I always feel butterflies in my stomach!! But luckily I have been feeling it wear off lately being with Elder Avila. I feel like I have gotten to grow a lot this transfer!!

The things I love the most about being a missionary is hearing people say their first prayer, and then watching their prayers progress after that it is literally amazing. Listening to a person`s prayer you can really show you the true feelings and desires of their hearts. Super Awesome.

Your challenge for the week is to Read the Book or Mormon... EVERYDAY!!! For at least 15 minutes!

I know that this church is true! That`s why I  am where I am right now, haha

Have a good week everybody!! Love you all!

Elder Ward

Monday, September 7, 2015


We had a good week. We had some service activities, we gave a  noche de hogar and we had A LOT of people come to church this week!!! We had an asado, we ate horse blood, i made desert and we did a chili challenge. So you could say it was a pretty good week.

Our service activity was to clean the house of a recent convert.   And boy was there a lot of clean.  Grandma Shields would not know what to do with this place.  SO we spent 2 hours just picking up garbage and cleaning his floors... 2 HOURS!! We still have his room, his kitchen, and his bathroom. So yeah. OH the things we do for people... 

Since this month that the leaders of the church have been doing a project of Sacrament Attendance September! They want everyone, less actives, investigators, and members, to go EVERY Sunday of this month, then after that look back on the month and realize HOW MUCH we are blessed when we go to church. We have been challenging people a lot in that. And we got results! Almost 100 people came to church this week!! And the week before we only had 70!! SO MANY BLESSINGS!! 

This week we had an asado (BBQ) with the family that the mom just barely got baptized. and it was super good. We had a  bunch of food there, and there is something here that is called Morcilla. And pretty much what it is is cooked Horse blood with onion pepper and some other spices. But it´s actually pretty good! The first time that I ate it no one told me what it was because well yeah... It´s just blood. It´s really good with Bread!

Then when we were there the dad heard that i like spicy so he bought each one of us a chili. And it was super hot. But it was super funny to see my  comp eat it because in Brasil they never eat spicy. Haha oh man, hopefully she  sent you a pic of us eating them mom, haha.

But this week that was just about it! Lots of Blessings. I was literally so happy about how many people were in sacrament meeting. Literally almost cried from joy, haha. The mission does weird things to ya. But yeah that was pretty much all that happened this week!

I feel the love of my family every week.  Especially when I read emails.   I am very blessed!  

Love you all!

Elder Ward