Monday, September 21, 2015


Well this week we had some exciting things happened.  Some recent converts said they never wanted to go to church again, Elder Avila threw up in the street, the other companionship in my apartment is having a bunch of problems and I am just right in the middle of all of it! WoO! Haha.

Our recent convert and her husband had a pretty bad fight and the both of them got mad and said things that they didn`t really mean or want to say, and not going to church ever again was one of the things. When I heard those words come out of her mouth my stomach just hit the floor. I just felt terrible. Luckily we talked a little bit to her and everything, did some service in the house (painted their little girls new room), and she came to church this Sunday, haha. PHEW!!

The other had a fight with one of her best friends that brought her to church and she didn`t want to go because the friend said something on facebook or like that and she was mad (girl stuff). But she came to church this Sunday too. So man I have just had a roller coster of emotions here.  One second happy and then completely devastated, haha.  Man I was super glad that in the end they both came to church. Let`s hope that they KEEP coming.

One day we were walking in the street one night and out of no where my comp said really quietly, I`m gonna throw up (in Spanish obviously, haha) and man did he throw up. Luckily we were pretty close to the pench so our day pretty much  ended there.

Transfers are this week but I am staying here with Elder Avila!  There are some changes in my zone, but that's alright, no big deal. 

This last Sunday I gave a talk about the 3 groups in Lehi`s Dream. And if you don`t know about the 3 groups go and read 1 Nephi 8, I hope that ALL of you can be the last group that Lehi sees in his vision, so read it to find out what we need to be doing!! Haha

Hope you all have a good week! 

Elder Ward

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