Saturday, February 27, 2016


So something happened that was really funny/not funny but I thought it was funny.  One day we were having a lesson with an awesome family.  The spirit was just super strong and I guess their bunny couldn't handle the heat, it felt too much guilt about something. It literally started convulsing and screaming and then it just stopped after a couple seconds and died.  The daughter was bawling, so we had to come back another day. Silly rabbits, REPENT.
Today we got a haircut and have been reading some talks selected from our mission President by Elder Bednar because this week on Wednesday we get to hear from Elder Bednar!! IT`S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

Best Hair cut Ever!

Clean Pench

Today we also had a district activity that was pretty chill, we just watched the movie "Up".  It is just super hot outside and we actually had to leave a little early to come and write the family because we have to write our emails before 4 and we had to go get our haircuts in the morning.  Everyone in the district meeting told me that the Sister that cut my hair made the back into a point.  They all were laughing super hard so yeah. Let`s hope Elder Bednar doesn`t drop the cane on me... HERE`S HOPING!!! Haha

But have a super super good week! Hope that ya`ll enjoyed President`s day and that Nate has fun starting with LAX again!!!

So Elder Funk's family didn't get his email last week either.  There must have been something wrong at the internet cafe.  So sorry about that!
ELDER WARD!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!!


Bueno this week was a little saddening, haha although it did have a ton of ups it had a couple downs too! The only little thing that happened was that we had a hard time getting the members to come with us.    We had planned to have 10 members come and do visits with us during the week and almost all of them cancelled!   There was only one lady (she washes our white clothes every week) that came out with us, her name is Juana Belizan and she reminds me so much of my Grandmas, she is just full of energy, always has a smile on and just loves us so much!  This week we will visit the members more and help them to have a better and more invigorated excitement to help in is the work!!

We had an activity this week called Minute to win it. We just used the game show idea and did a ton of games that were little and ya had to do it faster then the other team. and a ton of people came! I mean it was supposed to start at like 5:30, and we had invited a ton of investigators.  When 5:30 came around there were 12 investigators in the church! And only 2 members!  But after 40 minutes some families finally showed up and everyone had a ton of fun. It was awesome! In the end we had about 50 people, so it had a good turn out.  Some examples of the games were, who could eat a slice of watermelon the fastest, put an Oreo on your forehead and see who would eat it with out using their hands, take 75 tissues out of it`s box as fast as possible, but yeah it was super fun! It was a good way to have the investigators to get to know the church, and while we were waiting for some members to come we had a tour of the church and it was awesome!

Today we have a zone activity and we are going to play frisbee at the temple and eat some gruuuub. So it should be really fun, I will take pics to show you all next week. This next week on Tuesday we also have a zone conference.  We are preparing ourselves to learn a lot of stuff there, and then in 2 weeks we are going to receive a visit from Elder Bednar. 

Buenos Aires Temple

This week I have been reading a lot of talks from this last conference, because I remember that I heard somewhere that the conference talks were revelation from God for the next 6 months, not to read them right after conference and forget about them, so that would be an invitation! Read all of the conference talks from this last October conference before this next one starts! It will really help you to know what God wants you to focus on and do right now! I sure know that since I have been reading the talks I have learned so much!!!

Well have a good week everyone!

Elder Ward.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Well this week was a good one. We had a lot of lessons with the investigators that we already have.  We didn't find as many people like last week. But that`s ok.  We have a lot of progress made with the investigators that we have and sadly we are going to drop a couple this next week because they aren't progressing and aren't keeping their commitments. That is just the most frustrating and most difficult thing to do as a missionary, have your investigators not keep their commitments. Because we can literally bring the spirit into their lives if we are all doing what we are supposed to.  If they aren't ready to accept it right now maybe they will be another time.  We need to work with prepared people. There are so many prepared people, we just have to focus a lot harder in trying to find them!!

We also had a service activity this week, It made me feel like I was in the movie ¨Holes¨ And when you see the pictures you will know why, haha. We are digging a hole for a family that needs to be 17 feet (5 meters) deep. And we aren`t even close, haha we are going to go over there a little bit every week until it is done.  Right now we are almost at 2 meters. 

Today for P-Day we were going to go to the temple and play frisbee in the feild over there and have a picnic with the zone, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. it rained, haha so we are going to do that next week.

Also this week we had a special training by the area presidency.  The South America South includes Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.   The presidency talked about goals that they want the members of this area to focus on. These three things are 1. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy 2. Be Self-Sufficient 3. Go to the temple often. 

These three goals have really  helped me a lot! Obviously I can`t focus on being self sufficient with a job and going to the temple as a missionary, but I can keep the Sabbath day and be self sufficient in a spiritual sense. So I challenge you guys that you can make a goal for yourself that has to do with one of those 3 things! They will really help you draw closed to your Savior!

This week we invited about 15 people to come to church and only 2 came. Well what ya gonna do. We as missionaries just have to teach (with the spirit), invite (with the spirit), rinse and repeat, and if nothing happens... Well we gotta say goodbye, haha well yeah so this is what I learned this week! But luckily for everyone (including me especially), we have the atonement of Jesus Christ to be able to help us leave our old lives of sin behind and live a better one! This Gospel is so true! Have a good week!!
Elder Bednar is coming to our mission on the 24th of February... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Elder Ward

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So wow this week was awesome, we found 15 new people to teach... Yeah that was a stinkin miracle, and the grand majority of them were references from members!!! It was just super super awesome to see people this week sharing the gospel and their testimonies with their friends. And lemme just tell ya that the testimony of the member friend is a lot more powerful and meaningful to the investigator then ours. We had some good testimonies too, but it just doesn`t compare to that of the member friend. It just PENETRATES the soul of that person! So if you give a reference to the missionaries, go with them, to contact them, to teach them, just everything!!!

Elder Funk and I are getting along very well!! We are getting better and improving together, setting goals, and just having a really good time, we just hope that this next month of February we will have a baptism! It has been TOO long since the last one. WAY TOO LONG. And we found a TON of people this last week so we are hoping that all of these new people that we are finding that some of them are ready to be baptized!! BOOO YAH!!!!

Unfortunately we had a very said experience this week.  We were going to an appointment and when we got to the house the parents of the family were screaming at each other and throwing stuff and hitting... It wasn`t good.  We don`t know really know what happened but we assume from what they said that it was caused by Pornography. I have such a strong testimony now, how pornography can completely and utterly tear apart a family. We said a prayer all together, we kneeled on the ground to try and calm down the situation and then we left and told the 1st counselor about it... Sadly we couldn't do much but we taught a principle, invited them to change and left. I will soon not forget that.

There was a baptism this last weekend from the sisters in our ward and the lady was living with a member so they got married on Friday, baptized on Saturday, and confirmed Sunday! It was for sure a really awesome weekend for them and we were happy to be there and have some investigators go to the baptism to see how it is!! I made a carrot cake for the baptism.  I have made one for almost every baptism that I have attended here in Argentina.  It is my little tradition.

We did a service project on Saturday morning.  We took out a wall and put some brick on the 2nd floor of a house.  Woo!

Well that is all for this week. My only invitation would be that we help the missionaries by giving them our cherished and loved friends and family members and then we help them to help the friend get converted!! WOO!!  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!

Love you all!
Elder Ward