Saturday, February 27, 2016


So something happened that was really funny/not funny but I thought it was funny.  One day we were having a lesson with an awesome family.  The spirit was just super strong and I guess their bunny couldn't handle the heat, it felt too much guilt about something. It literally started convulsing and screaming and then it just stopped after a couple seconds and died.  The daughter was bawling, so we had to come back another day. Silly rabbits, REPENT.
Today we got a haircut and have been reading some talks selected from our mission President by Elder Bednar because this week on Wednesday we get to hear from Elder Bednar!! IT`S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

Best Hair cut Ever!

Clean Pench

Today we also had a district activity that was pretty chill, we just watched the movie "Up".  It is just super hot outside and we actually had to leave a little early to come and write the family because we have to write our emails before 4 and we had to go get our haircuts in the morning.  Everyone in the district meeting told me that the Sister that cut my hair made the back into a point.  They all were laughing super hard so yeah. Let`s hope Elder Bednar doesn`t drop the cane on me... HERE`S HOPING!!! Haha

But have a super super good week! Hope that ya`ll enjoyed President`s day and that Nate has fun starting with LAX again!!!

So Elder Funk's family didn't get his email last week either.  There must have been something wrong at the internet cafe.  So sorry about that!
ELDER WARD!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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