Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So wow this week was awesome, we found 15 new people to teach... Yeah that was a stinkin miracle, and the grand majority of them were references from members!!! It was just super super awesome to see people this week sharing the gospel and their testimonies with their friends. And lemme just tell ya that the testimony of the member friend is a lot more powerful and meaningful to the investigator then ours. We had some good testimonies too, but it just doesn`t compare to that of the member friend. It just PENETRATES the soul of that person! So if you give a reference to the missionaries, go with them, to contact them, to teach them, just everything!!!

Elder Funk and I are getting along very well!! We are getting better and improving together, setting goals, and just having a really good time, we just hope that this next month of February we will have a baptism! It has been TOO long since the last one. WAY TOO LONG. And we found a TON of people this last week so we are hoping that all of these new people that we are finding that some of them are ready to be baptized!! BOOO YAH!!!!

Unfortunately we had a very said experience this week.  We were going to an appointment and when we got to the house the parents of the family were screaming at each other and throwing stuff and hitting... It wasn`t good.  We don`t know really know what happened but we assume from what they said that it was caused by Pornography. I have such a strong testimony now, how pornography can completely and utterly tear apart a family. We said a prayer all together, we kneeled on the ground to try and calm down the situation and then we left and told the 1st counselor about it... Sadly we couldn't do much but we taught a principle, invited them to change and left. I will soon not forget that.

There was a baptism this last weekend from the sisters in our ward and the lady was living with a member so they got married on Friday, baptized on Saturday, and confirmed Sunday! It was for sure a really awesome weekend for them and we were happy to be there and have some investigators go to the baptism to see how it is!! I made a carrot cake for the baptism.  I have made one for almost every baptism that I have attended here in Argentina.  It is my little tradition.

We did a service project on Saturday morning.  We took out a wall and put some brick on the 2nd floor of a house.  Woo!

Well that is all for this week. My only invitation would be that we help the missionaries by giving them our cherished and loved friends and family members and then we help them to help the friend get converted!! WOO!!  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!

Love you all!
Elder Ward

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