Monday, January 25, 2016


Well Elder Funk and I are staying together for another 6 weeks!! WOO! So we hope that the couple people that we have found and are working with get baptized!!

We had a ton of miracles this week!  We were walking in the street and some girl ran up to us and said she had a question, I was expecting her to ask the usual ¨do you have a girlfriend¨ or something like that but she was genuinely interested in the message that we had, and her sister too!!  So we went by the other day and it was just a really good lesson, and they both have read and prayed and keep praying and say that they will keep praying till they know this is true! That was a miracle and just totally out of no where! And their mom too!! AND

Also a family that hasn't been to church in like 5 years came yesterday!  It was amazing and then they were talking with the rest of their family and pretty much thanks to them it sparked the rest of the family and now this next week we will have like 20 people at church that usually don`t come. AND

There was a family that came yesterday that was new and had just moved to Ezeiza and they want to hear the lessons and get baptized!  No one had even contacted them but they found the church and just came! AWESOME!!!

We had a huge storm that happened on Thursday night.  It was like a micro burst, and it was just CRAZY!!  Right next to our house a lightning bolt hit a transformer or something and the whole neighborhood`s lights went out.  We just barely got electricity back this morning, so it has been kinda terrible not having fans at night because it is so just hot and super humid.  Not much sleep has been had, haha I actually started sleeping on the floor because it is a lot cooler then being on the bed. I will chalk that up as another miracle since luckily no one was hurt.  It threw trees and roofs too!! We saw a handful of houses the day after that were completely missing a roof!!

We had the COOLEST THING EVER THIS LAST WEEK. This hasn`t happened for ten years but there was a broadcast from the church that was a training for missionaries WORLDWIDE! We had it on Wednesday and the training was titled ¨Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts¨.  It was so great!  We had a handful of really awesome talks, live training with missionaries in Ogden Utah, and just wow. It was an incredible experience.  It really helped me understand the importance of the spirit in this work. He is the teacher, and we are just vessels I guess so that the spirit can help the investigator, they said that the investigators probably won`t remember what we said, but they will remember what they FELT. 

That pretty much sums up my week. It was awesome and even more miracles to come this next week, I am sure of it!! Everyone pray for the ward of Ezeiza, that it can get better and grow and divide this year! Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Ward

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