Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Well this week was pretty... Normal. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, we had some lessons, we had some ups we had some downs.  At the end of the week me and Elder Funk were watching some videos about working better with the members that we had to watch as a part of Elder Funk`s training. We noticed that we needed to reevaluate and change somethings that haven`t been really getting better or really progressing, one of them was baptizing. We want to change that, also the way we work with the members and having like random service things where we help people. And then after that we started to have a REALLY GOOD WEEK!!!

You know I have never been in the water! And I hope that I will never be! Because I think that if a convert chooses a member over me then I did my job in finding them a friend in the ward. Because if they have a friend in the ward, they are more likely to stay active in the church.

So we had a miracle this week. We were walking on a really busy street and we saw that there was a man that was out pushing his car so we went to help him and we asked him where we were pushing it, he said oh just 7 blocks from here no big deal.... And that day it was SOOOOOOO HOT. It was three o clock and here that`s the hottest time of the day. So we start pushing this car and out of no where some kid that was out running yelled and asked if we wanted some help, we said yes obviously and he helped us push it over to the gas station. We were in our white shirts and ties and we were just drenched. Completely! When we got to gas station we asked the both of them if we could stop by their houses and teach their families! They both said yes and we were so excited. We taught both of them later that week and they are all excited to read the Book or Mormon! We called the family during the week to follow up and pretty much ALL of them have read and are super excited for our next visit!!

What a blessing, and I just keep thinking, wow. What would have happened if we didn`t go push that car? Who knows! Maybe they will all get baptized! We are going to have a lesson with the family of 6 (the kid running that came to help us) tomorrow and wow. MIRACLES PEOPLE! MIRACLES!!!

Well today we have a zone activity so that should be fun! And this morning we helped a member fix the roof of his porch! He is so awesome and very humble.  Its still super hot here, supposedly it is going to be this hot until April or May.  They took our girl bikes away from us like 3 weeks ago, and we have been walking ever since! Last week we were supposed to get new ones, they took them because some other sister`s needed to use them so yeah. Neat-o

So go do a random act of kindness!! That reminds me of 4th grade I think? We had to do a random act of kindness every week for Mrs. Jensens class... You would remember better mom, haha.

Serve someone this week! You won`t regret it!

I love you all and hope that you have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

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