Saturday, February 27, 2016


Bueno this week was a little saddening, haha although it did have a ton of ups it had a couple downs too! The only little thing that happened was that we had a hard time getting the members to come with us.    We had planned to have 10 members come and do visits with us during the week and almost all of them cancelled!   There was only one lady (she washes our white clothes every week) that came out with us, her name is Juana Belizan and she reminds me so much of my Grandmas, she is just full of energy, always has a smile on and just loves us so much!  This week we will visit the members more and help them to have a better and more invigorated excitement to help in is the work!!

We had an activity this week called Minute to win it. We just used the game show idea and did a ton of games that were little and ya had to do it faster then the other team. and a ton of people came! I mean it was supposed to start at like 5:30, and we had invited a ton of investigators.  When 5:30 came around there were 12 investigators in the church! And only 2 members!  But after 40 minutes some families finally showed up and everyone had a ton of fun. It was awesome! In the end we had about 50 people, so it had a good turn out.  Some examples of the games were, who could eat a slice of watermelon the fastest, put an Oreo on your forehead and see who would eat it with out using their hands, take 75 tissues out of it`s box as fast as possible, but yeah it was super fun! It was a good way to have the investigators to get to know the church, and while we were waiting for some members to come we had a tour of the church and it was awesome!

Today we have a zone activity and we are going to play frisbee at the temple and eat some gruuuub. So it should be really fun, I will take pics to show you all next week. This next week on Tuesday we also have a zone conference.  We are preparing ourselves to learn a lot of stuff there, and then in 2 weeks we are going to receive a visit from Elder Bednar. 

Buenos Aires Temple

This week I have been reading a lot of talks from this last conference, because I remember that I heard somewhere that the conference talks were revelation from God for the next 6 months, not to read them right after conference and forget about them, so that would be an invitation! Read all of the conference talks from this last October conference before this next one starts! It will really help you to know what God wants you to focus on and do right now! I sure know that since I have been reading the talks I have learned so much!!!

Well have a good week everyone!

Elder Ward.

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