Tuesday, March 1, 2016


What a great week!!! ALL of the missions from Buenos Aires where invited to attend a conference with Elder Bednar.  It was AWESOME!!! I saw a bunch of familiar faces!!! I saw Elder Alexander, Elder Donnely and Elder Blake from the West mission and my MTC group, I saw some friends that are in the North mission that I know from school (one of them is the cousin on the miner`s in our ward), I also saw one of Nate`s lacrosse Buddies Elder Chris Jones! I didn't recognize him at first but then I realized who it was. We didn't have much time to chat and take pictures because they were pretty strict about having us sit down so ELDER BEDNAR could come and leave as planned because he has a busy week planned down here in the South America South area!

President & Sister Robertson and missionaries from the BAW Mission

Elder Jones

Elder Miner from the BAN Mission

We were there for 3 hours and it just flew by! I felt like it was 15 minutes but my notebook was fuuulllll by the end of it. He taught us such important stuff that was so critical. He didn`t want us to write ANYTHING down that was said by him, or by the area presidency. He wanted us to write down what the spirit was teaching us because he is the teacher and the person ¨teaching the class¨ is there to just invite the spirit. And he gave us 3 talks that we needed to read before hand which were ¨Ask in faith¨, ¨Converted unto the Lord¨, and ¨Learning by Faith¨. 

He talked about the concept of Agents and Objects. Here`s an example. If I say in a prayer ¨please bless the people that didn`t come to church this week that they will come next week.¨ That is being an object, waiting for God to out of no where have all these people miracilously come to church. Which he can do... Or you could say this ¨Please bless everyone in the congregation that they might help those who didn`t come this week to feel the importance of coming to church.¨ I thought this was important because in the previous example we are planning on using our agency to help a greater cause, and expecting miracles from our work. The other one is waiting for the miracles to happen without doing anything. 

Yeah. I definitely felt that that man was a Special Witness of Jesus Christ on the earth. WOW!!!

In other news.....Transfers are next week.  I won`t hear anything until this next Saturday! So for sure by this time next week I will be with my new comp or here in Ezeiza!! I am thinking that I am going to go, but we will see what happens.

The family that was going to be baptized is super busy during the week and the only days they can meet with us are Saturdays. So it made it impossible for them to have been baptized this month, I am thinking that at this rate that they will be baptized at the end of march. The only problem is that we have to teach them all of the missionary lessons and that`s like at least 8 or 9 visits.

Oh my lanta I had a funny thing happen. SO after the Bednar conference we were super tired because we had to wake up at 3:30 to get over to the capilla in the center of Buenos Aires in time.  After it was over we had a meeting where we reviewed what we had learned.  I was nodding off big time. Elder Funk said something like. ¨I learned that is is so important to UNFOLD the scriptures-¨ and for whatever reason I interrupted him when I was half-conscious and half-asleep, I do not even remember this but I said ¨Oh yeah! Like a banana!¨ Elder Funk looked over and realized I was completely knocked out and he just burst out laughing and I woke up and he told me what happened and yeah. Good times. 

MORE MIRACLES!!!! Yesterday we found 2 families that want to hear the missionary lessons. One of them were references from some members (one is a less active and his wife isn't a member and they just had a baby) And the other family we just contacted them and supposedly they are family of one of the members in the ward! It was super awesome to find them, we can`t wait to contact the member and tell them what happened!!!!

We were fairly thrifty this month so we decided to eat some good ole Salmon this week. It`s kindof expensive here, but man. IT was worth it, and we didn`t get too much either, haha

Ok well that pretty much sums up my week. We luckily had a ton of lessons this week and we keep getting more and more. Elder M. Russel Ballard said that we should have at least 15 lessons a week, and we have been strugling with that the last little while but these last 2 weeks we have been doing it! And surpassing the number! It`s AWESOME! Especially because since the Elder Bednar thing we have changed the way we teach and it makes me think of the new teaching program for the youth that is come follow me or something like that where the general Authorities said that the teachers should do 20% of the talking and the students 80%, and being missionaries we have to do a little more because we are teaching them new principles but we listen more and we are focusing more on the investigators!! WOO!!! LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!

Well hope that all of you ahve a good week!!!! 

Elder Ward

Wow that was long email... ENJOY!!

Thanks Grandma Ward

Thanks Momma!

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