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Well it is pretty strange that my p-day is now on Saturday!  My new job is gooing really good, I mean we have only done a couple things like we took an Elder to the Mexiceo Embassy and this next week I think I will be starting to do the normal things that we have to be doing to get people legal here! I would explain it all to you but I have no idea what all the words are in English.   Pretty much my ultimate goal is to get people to have a temporary I.D. for 2 years, and after I get that I.D. obviously my job is done because they won´t be here any longer then 2 years.

My companion and I get along really well.  Some times we get really bored in the car and have a ton of fun and play games and just tell funny stories and yeah, Elder Ginatto is super awesome!  I actually knew him pretty well before I was even his comp.  We served the the same zone when I was in Laferrere and we got to be pretty good friends then.

There are in total 8 missionaries in the office.
2 are the secretaries.
2 are like traveling assistants (that are never with us because they stay with a companionship for like a week, stay the weekend with us and then stay another week with a different companionship. 
2 are us.
2 are a couple serving a service mission that are like part time missionaries that live here (they are actually from Ezeiza!)
And then there is a missionary couple, they are related to President and Sister Thurgood.
So yeah! That´s the offices!

We live in a pench with just me and Elder Ginatto.  The traveling assistants stay there on Sunday nights.  It is like 5 or 6 blocks from the church where the offices are at so luckily not too far away. But either way it doesn´t really matter because we have a car. WUUUT!!!  We are always in the car because we are always so busy!!! One day we were driving in the car from 8 in the morning till 11 at night, and don't worry we take turns driving so that one of us just doesn't get too tired.

I have no idea how long I will serve in the office.  The next time I see president I will ask him because usually he tells the people in the offices how long they are here so we can train others to take our spots. But yeah this next week I might know what is going to happen so yeah, I´ll keep ya updated. 

Well just so ya know my updates on the weeks are going to be a little shorter then usual because we are driving around in the car for most of the time of the day.  I really am so excited that I was given this calling.  It is just another way to get lost in the service of our God!  I mean we lose sleep, our p-day is cut short and sometimes we don´t even have a p-day.  But it doesn´t really matter! As long as I am serving someone it is good! I mean our Job pretty much exists so that the other missionaries can focus on their job of inviting others to come unto Christ! I mean we still do that too!! 

Today in the morning we had to go pay a rent of one of the pench´s. And the lady of the Alquilers was super nice and I got to get to know her son and he worked at the Canyons like 3 years ago!  We then shared this new project that the church has got going for Easter and I will send the link next week because it is seriously SUPER POWERFUL!   The name of the project is "Hallelujah."

Love all of you and have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

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