Monday, March 7, 2016


Well I have a new assignment!  I got called as something that is called the ¨Visero¨, it is a missionary that works in the offices of the mission. I am in charge of the whole missions visas and being legal in Argentina.  I am in charge of about 200 people! Usually the last Visero stays a little bit to train the next one to show him what´s up but I didn't get that privledge... I will just have to figure it out on my own, and use all of the stuff that he left me here in the offices.  But I am excited about it, I think it will be fun!  Luckily I will be able call the last Visero so that is good.  Let´s hope that I don´t explode! It is going to be an awesome experience and I will have to rely a TON on the Lord to help me to know what to do and be able to make hard decisions!

Also my companion is named Elder Ginatto. He is from Brasil and is the ¨Pensionero¨ Or like the apartment missionary, so basically I have two jobs since I have to be with Elder Ginatto and do all the apartments and do all of the Visa stuff! I am gonnna be super busy and it will be pretty awesome! 

We pretty much don´t have an area because we are always busy with all of the visa and apartment stuff.

This is kinda gross, but I got athletes foot.   It was so bad!!  I could just feel my foot throbbing all the time!  It was keeping me up at night and it was just painful all day.  One night I prayed that it would feel better because it was starting to effect my work.  The next morning I woke up and it was completely healed. It was seriously a miracle. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! The Lord takes care of us so much!!! 

The weather is still pretty hot, these past couple of mornings it was a little cool because it has been raining the past couple nights but this next week it is supposed to be hot again.  IT will be pretty hot up till like April. 

This last week we had a pretty cool experience. We were in the house of a member... And to be honest we were just there because we had to use their bathroom, haha but while I was in the Bathroom one of the kids of the family (11 year old) told Elder Funk that he had a cousin that he wanted to share the gospel with. So we went right over and they were home! It was awesome! We had a really cool lesson with the whole family about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and they said they would come to church.  Ok so they didn't come to church after all but they felt the Spirit during the lesson, I felt the spirit, and it was very cool! I hope that Elder Funk can help them to be able to progress!!

Also Elder Funk and I were able to do a service project to help a family clean out a bunch of junk in their yard.  I am going to miss Elder Funk.  He is so awesome!!

I don't have much else for today.  I forgot my notes and we did so much stuff today that my mind is just like blank.  But today was pretty interesting. We got a bunch of new areas that had opened up, we went and took new missionaries to their new area. Busy, busy day!  That was all that pretty much happened this week. Hope that you all have a good one and that you do something fabulous this week that helps someone else!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Ward. 

P.S. I will have my P-day on Saturday and sometimes I won´t have time to write you so I might even write you on Sunday. Love ya!

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