Monday, September 14, 2015


Well this week we walked a little more than usual but that`s ok! We had another service cleaning at that guys house. We cleaned the floors... AGAIN, and the kitchen, and we are supposed to have an asado with him. So we will see if we can clean that bad boy super well before we use it to cook, haha. 

This last week we had a Zone Meeting. And one of the things that struck me super hard was a ¨practice¨ that the zone leaders did. It was a practice to help us improve on how to do a comp inventory (when you tell your comp what bugs you and stuff).

This is the last P-Day before transfers.  So we need to do a super cleaning of the pench.

Yesterday we had a noche de hogar and we talked about a theme that I really like, and that is the simplicity of the gospel. We read a verse in 2 Nephi 1:20 that in English I don`t know what it says but its something like, If you keep the commandments you will prosper in the earth, and if you don`t keep them, you can`t enter into the presence of God. Literally it is simple. Their are 2 choices, one is good that will help you grow spiritually, and the other is bad that will diminish you spiritually. It`s that`s simple, and we already know the one that we should choose... So why don`t we choose it?

We know we should go to church but sometimes we don`t.
We know we should go to seminary but sometimes we don`t.
We know we should read the scriptures everyday but sometimes we don`t.

And I think the solution is in D&C (I don`t remember the section) where God commands us to not be Idle. 

Well I have a long way to go to not be idle in all things but I think all of us could try to do a little better in that subject.

You asked me what is the hardest thing on the mission and what I love the most.  Here you go..

I think the hardest thing that I have struggled with on the mission is opening my mouth and just talking to everybody, I mean yes I still do it but every time that I do it I always feel butterflies in my stomach!! But luckily I have been feeling it wear off lately being with Elder Avila. I feel like I have gotten to grow a lot this transfer!!

The things I love the most about being a missionary is hearing people say their first prayer, and then watching their prayers progress after that it is literally amazing. Listening to a person`s prayer you can really show you the true feelings and desires of their hearts. Super Awesome.

Your challenge for the week is to Read the Book or Mormon... EVERYDAY!!! For at least 15 minutes!

I know that this church is true! That`s why I  am where I am right now, haha

Have a good week everybody!! Love you all!

Elder Ward

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