Monday, April 4, 2016


So this weekend has been the best weekend for the past 6 months!!! Haha obviously because it's General Conference! I have only seen 2 sessions so far but I have learned so much from the Prophets, Seers, and Revelators that we have today! I just want to share some of my favorites from the Saturday sessions...

Elder Kevin R. Duncan

He talked about forgiveness. It really helped me to be humbled because earlier this week I was reading in Alma 37 (I think) that talks about our nothingness and what we really are. We are just so insignificant. But in the eyes of God we have plentiful worth. This reminded me that I shouldn't even THINK that I can judge someone for the things that they do in their life. None of us are better then the other. So there is no reason whatsoever that we shouldn't forgive them of the things that they have done against us, and also things that we have done against ourselves!

Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

We need to rescue those that are lost, afraid, and lonely! And when we rescue those souls... Like it says in D and C 18. 15-16 "How great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of your Father!" Everyone has worth in the sight of God. So they should have worth in our eyes too!!

Elder David A. Bednar

He talked about the Holy Ghost and saving ordinances mainly Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost and the sacrament. The thing that I liked the most is that he talked about how the Sacrament isn't the thing that really cleans us. Even though it is sanctified, it only sanctifies us when we really CHANGE our life. When we ACT in a different way. And when we strive to be more like our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

So yeah..

The week we pretty good, I had a TON of birthday wishes so I just want to say thanks to EVERYONE that wished me happy birthday! I really felt the love from all of you!!

So yeah... that's about it!!!

Elder Ward

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