Monday, May 2, 2016


Our email this week.....

SO yesterday we had the option to go out proselyting or write a long email to the families, annnnnnd we picked the first one... Still love you guys though! I will send you a big email next week!!!

Elder Ward

But we also got one from Sister Mitchell....

Good morning, 

Last week I sent your great son a email asking all the information for his return home and I just have to let you see what he sent me back.

Sister Mitchell:  What country will you be returning home to?
Elder Ward:  Tahiti

Sister Mitchell:  Will there be someone to meet you at the airport?
Elder Ward:  Yeah it´s a family vacation

Sister Mitchell:  Which email should me send your travel plans to?
Elder Ward:  (not my email)

Sister Mitchell:Which airport will you be flying into?
Elder Ward:  Tahiti, Papeete

I have the great privilege of working with these wonderful missionaries in the offices and we have loved getting to know and work with Elder Ward. Such a great Elder and  so willing to do the work that has been required of him. Never a complaint from him. You can be very proud of him, his desires to serve and do the Lords work is evident in everything he does. Thanks for sharing him with us.  His email from my response sure made me laugh…and he did actually sent me the right information.  We sure love him.  Have a wonderful Sabbath.

Hermana Mitchell
Mision Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

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