Monday, May 23, 2016


So this last week we had a super good lesson with one of the investigators.  We were on splits and it was me and Elder Pozos. We had a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and we made sure that he understood the purpose of why we are here on this earth.  After we had shared that, he told us the reasons that he was really holding back on baptism. He was afraid of leaving behind his family and friends and not being there for them because he would be in the church so much, haha. We explained that this is the plan of Happiness and that that wouldn´t happen. We shared a scripture with him and it was really awesome! 

Elder Tobler and I are getting along super well.  Almost......too well, haha P-Days are just spent with us talking and talking and then we realize that we have to actually get some stuff done. But we are all good friends, Elder Tobler is going to the Y so he is definitely going to visit and if he doesn't I will just kidnap him, and Elder Ginatto said that he really wants to go to BYU but he can´t decide. So we´ll see, but if he goes over there is no WAY that he isn´t stopping by the house.

We also got the opportunity to (try, haha) to do some visits with the Elder´s Quorum president, who is a little inactive. It was really awesome to see that the real purpose of  missionary work is to give people a lot of desires to do better themselves.  That way they can help others understand and be able to keep God´s commandments.

We also had a Family Night in the church yesterday! It was super awesome. They taught also about the Plan of Salvation (lots of that this week! Ha) and while people from the congregation were sharing comments, a family shared that they had recently (like 30 minutes before the family night had started) found out that one of their uncles had died. And yes they were sad, like someone naturally should be. But They were still at the family night supporting the ward! They were a huge example to me that the knowledge of this plan is such a blessing. Like when Grandpa Ward died. I can´t even imagine how I would have reacted if I didn´t know about this plan. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DO KNOW ABOUT IT!! And especially for the opportunity that I have to share with people that that they won´t have to feel such a deep sorrow when their loved ones pass away!

President and Hermana Thurgood and the Mitchells are starting to get ready to go home.  I mean nothing crazy! I mean the craziest thing is that they are putting in new things for the new mission president, like they are painting the walls in the offices, and thay are replacing windows and stuff like that.  One day we helped the Mitchell's move some clothing over to the mission home that they were taking home but that´s pretty much it, it is pretty chill over here. Haha except the Hermana Thurgood is SUPER trunky, but what mom wouldn't be after not being able to see her family for 3 years!

Well have a good week and I hope that you guys do the same! Share the Plan of Salvation/Happiness with someone that you know! You won´t regret it!

Love you!

Elder Ward

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