Monday, May 2, 2016


Well this week I had a TON OF visa stuff this last week, usually I go out like once a week but this last week I went out 3 times and next week I have to go out 3 more times! I mean the only thing that I do is stand and tell the missionaries where to go, but man it makes me tired standing in the same room for like 4 hours every morning!! Next week I will send pics about some of the visa things that I do. 

This week we haven`t had internet in the offices for like 4 days.  That is really bad because we can`t really do much of anything, I mean I can because practically all of my stuff is written and all in my head.  But we have to do reports and all that Jazz and those cannot be done without the internet.  But the good news is we have been leaving the office earlier and going proselyting!! 

And this week Elder Mitchell (the husband in the missionary couple) came and spent the afternoon proselyting with us!! It was so fun! I mean anytime he wanted to talk we had to translate for him but it was so cool. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel and I hope I can keep strengthening mine too!! One night we were talking about the 2nd coming to a less active family and Elder Mitchell said that one of the best ways to prepare ourselves is to ALWAYS be thinking about the savior and his life and what he has done for us. WOW! What a great insight! But while he was out with us he tripped a little and today we had to take him to the hospital because his hip was hurting him a lot from the fall. It turns out that he is starting to have arthritis in his hips! Poor guy. 

And so some new elders have come into the offices that are being trained by the Mitchells.  The Mitchells will be leaving with President and Sister Thurgood  in the middle of the next transfer so that have to start training them.   I DON'T WANT THEM TO LEAVE! But it will be fun because I think the Thurgoods are going to live in Salt Lake, and the Mitchells live in Kaysville. So I will be able to see them after the mission whenever  I want!

So Elder Tobler and I are companions and we get along great! You might say we get along too well!! Haha we don`t want to do anything but just talk. But seriously Elder Tobler is awesome, he has been a friend since I got to know him when we were both in the Gonzalez Cat├án stake when I was in Lafererre, and yeah. He`s awesome! He`s from Boulder City (a little town right next to Las Vegas), he has 3 brothers, his dad is a school teacher and a part time DJ. Haha I thought that was pretty cool. 

I had to switch apartments, but it was no big deal.  The pench is literally in the same building so I didn´t even need to go to far, haha. 

Elder Ginatto's comp is  Elder Pozos from mexico. HIJOLE!! (show that to dad, haha) He is going to take Elder Ginatto`s job, and if I stay here for another transfer which is very likely, I will probably be his comp next transfer... I think...

Now I am pretty much  in the office from 9.30 in the morning till 6. And from 6 to 9 I get to go  proselyte!! WOO!!!  Its so great to go out and have lessons and get to know the members!!

Well that`s about it! Love you all so much and I will see ya the next week!!!

Elder Ward

When not one person shows up for our Awesome Family Home Evening Activity.

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