Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This week on Monday we had transfers. Elder Tobler and I like I said last week stayed the same. But the meeting was CRAZY!! 18 people didn't get to the meeting on time, we started an hour late, lots of people were angry (the taxis guys), everyone in the offices was way stressed out, and it ended like an hour later then usual. So this Friday we had a meeting with some of the members that work with calling all the taxis and all that jazz, and we had a ton of good ideas to change it around so that we can make this thing better. 

We haven´t had internet all week.  It went out on Monday and it didn't come back up until Friday morning.  We had to go over to the Thurgoods to use their internet because our half of our job requires internet. So that was super fun to chill out in the Thurgood´s house! They gave us lunch too!

We had a lesson with a family that was a referral from some members in the ward and now the little girl has a baptismal date! The parents are members but they are less active! So we are hoping to get the whole family on the same boat over to the celestial kingdom! WOOHOO!!

And so this was funny. One day we were over at the Mitchell´s house using THEIR internet.  When we were done, we had to leave to go over to the church to make our lunch.  Elder Mitchell asked us if anyone wanted to use the bathroom before we left. And me not thinking at all not even meaning the double meaning said ¨Go now, or forever hold your peace.¨ And everyone just burst out in an uproar and it was just a little later that I had realized what I said.  I was a little embarrassed because the Mitchell's were there, but they were laughing so I guess it´s alright... OOPS!

Hermana Mitchell is getting pretty trunky... Haha so on Wednesday (the first of June) we walked into the offices and she started singing to us ¨It´s June¨ over and over and over again, haha it was super funny. I think everyone is excited to see their familes. President wouldn´t dare say it, and President makes sure Sister Thurgood doesn´t say it. And the Mitchells just do what they want, haha. But yeah they are all super focused and all ready to keep helping the mission and making it better!

Love you so much!!!

Well have a good week mom!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Elder Ward

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