Monday, July 11, 2016


So on Tuesday the Calquins arrived and during this whole week they have been going to all the stake center´s presenting themselves to the missionaries and it was so awesome to see them! I was so excited that I gave President Calquin a hug and then he said, ¨whoa! let´s hold the hugs til the end!¨ but yeah, haha it was pretty neat. President and Sister Calquin are from Santiago, Chile. They have been married 32 years I think... and they have 3 kids.  One is going to be here in a week and he is going to finish a year of school and then he is going to go on his own mission! They are just super super energetic and fun-loving, and really funny and just awesome! I love and Cherish the service that the Thurgoods did for us and for the Lord.  And I love the Calquins too!! I think the hardest thing in the world would be to choose my favorite mission president... Because they are ALL SO AWESOME!! They are all role-models for me and I look up to and admire everyone of them!

This week was quite the busy week for tramites! One night we had 10 people sleeping in our pench! They all live far away and had to come the night before.  It was super super cool to see all of them! I think that my assignment out of all the office assignments is the best! I get to know everyone in the whole mission! When all the people were staying over I was talking to everyone and Elder Tobler asked me how do you know all of these Elders? and yeah it´s because all of them have to have tramites! LOVE BEING THE VISA GUY!! Well... Except for that the one night the missionaries decided to make a launching pad out of some mattresses and then they landed on the other side of the room on some mattresses... I told them to stop. I felt like an old man, but yeah... YAY.

Eler Tobler and I were talking and he told me that being in this area for more then 6 months has killed his animo about missionary work. So we decided that we are going to change. This last time that we went out proselyting we talked with a lot of people! And even though we didn´t get received, we are still as happy as can be! Because if we are putting all we can into this work, we will just be as happy as can be! If we are striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, and applying all if it´s principles to our lives we will be happy, ecstatic, joyful, sonriente (I don´t know the word in English) and just EVERYTHING! We will just have a top notch life! No matter what trials we are passing through!

Love you all and hope that you all have a good week!!!

Elder Ward

Our last picture with the Thurgoods and the Mitchells - Our Office Fam

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