Sunday, July 31, 2016


So this week was EXTREMELY full of tramties!! I went over to immigrations every day except for Monday! It was quite the week! And seriously I love my assignment! It is so fun to be with all of the Missionaries of the mission and to get to know all of them and all their different personalities! They are all so awesome and all of them have a ton of desires to share the gospel! We were talking to a bunch of people over there in Immigraitones and sadly like almost all of the people that we talked to don`t even live in our mission but at least they said that someone could go over to their house! It was a cool experience and it was a goal that I had to do that because I am just sitting around for like 4 hours in the same place and why not take advantage of the situation and talk to some people! 

So this last Monday we also had a 3 hour training with President, and it was really interesting. It was a little long because he talked a lot about some business principles and all that jazz but it was also very useful! He is a really good business man and he actually worked in the area offices for Chile.  He said that the Church was a super high ranked business... Not really sure how that works but yeah... It was strange to me when he said that to think of the church like a business, but it also makes sense.  Because the Lord doesn`t only give us Spiritual Revelation but also Secular revelation to things such as what people should do for Work, how to be self sufficient and all that stuff.. Actually here in Argentina and I am sure all over the world the church has started to do self sufficient classes for the people of the church.  They want to help them to grow in their businesses and get a job and education and how to be smart with your money and the Argentine Government in some Province wanted to implement it! Super cool!

The church gets recognized in it`s own special ways I guess!

We also had a family night where we had a movie night! I have pics but i can`t send them because the computer in this cyber doesn`t have usb ports, haha. But we started watching 17 miracles which I don`t think I have ever seen before! It was amazing!! It is about the Willie-Martin handcart company... I think... I LOVED IT! It just reminds me the amazing heritage that this church has! And me too! I am so grateful that I could have ancestors that were actually Pioneers! Hopefully we can make their sacrifice worth it but giving our all to the church and the Lord!

Well that's about it for this week! Hope you all have a good week in Cali and be sure to send a ton of Pics!

Elder Ward

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