Sunday, July 31, 2016


Ok so luckily this week has been way better on the side of proselyting.  We have left the offices at 6 on the dot or on somedays we left even earlier! We are just trying to alzar nuesrto hoz as much as we can!! And this week we found 3 new investigators! One is a lady that we found by contacting and the other 2 are a couple that was a reference from some elders that contacted this guy in the area that is right next to ours!

We also had members go out with us 3 days this week.  So I think slowly but surely we are working a little harder.  There is still room for a lot of improvement! I gotta keep on keepin' on so that I can hit the brick wall at the end of my mission sprinting!!!

Elder Thomas still has not come back yet. He will be coming here in a week. I will have pretty much a week to train him because the last week is full of all the ending missionary stuff where we go to capital and take a tour and have our last interviews with president and all that jazz. So I pretty much have a week to train that champ! Let´s hope that he is a fast learner!!!

The mission president is awesome!  He hasn´t really made any HUGE changes yet. I think his 3rd or 4th transfer here in the mission he will be changing it to the way that he likes and all that stuff. But actually the week after I leave President Packer´s son (Elder packer who is now the President of the South America South Mission) is going to be in the offices for 3 days directing it and teaching us (well I won´t be here haha) how a mission office really needs to work and how we need to do everything and yeah so woohoo! I am sad that I am not going to be here to learn from Elder Packer but oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to be here when he comes.

This last weekend there was a stake activity in the church and they were cooking something. Well everyone left and they had forgotten that they had left the oven on and it is industrial so it is suuuuuper suuuuper hot. The table right next to it caught on fire and just destroyed the whole kitchen! Luckily the fire didn´t enter into the gas lines but it was seriously a miracle because the fire just stayed inside of the kitchen and didn´t affect any other part of the church! But yeah that was super crazy.  On Sunday morning we walked into the church (the activity was Saturday night) and it smelled like something was burning, so we were running around the church to find out what was burning and it was the kitchen, but the flame was out and the whole place was just charcoal black from the fire.. SO yeah! Tender Mercies of the Lord!! Saved us on that one! Or I woudn't have been writing this message to you! Because there wouldn't be a church or a computer!!

The weather doesn't really get any getting colder then it is now.  It just seems to stay the same, haha freezing cold in the morning, and by mid day I need to take off my jacket and sweater because it is so stinking hot!!! I seriously don´t understand this weather down here! The humidity just kills me! You can never predict the weather!!!

So yeah well that was the week! Hope that cali was a blast and that everyone had a blast! 

Love you all!! Keep strong in the faith!
Elder Ward

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