Monday, August 15, 2016


SOO THIS WEEK in the wonderful world of Adrogué (my area, haha)...

SO this week we found some new people to teach! One of them was a referral from the elders whose area is right next to us. He is super cool! Haha, his wife is a Jehovah´s witness so she doesn´t want ANYTHING of anything to do with us, but we had the first lesson with him on Wednesday.  We had another lesson scheduled with him yesterday in the church, but he didn´t show up.  As we were walking to our area we saw him walk out of a casino and he was drunk... Haha so yeah we got some things to talk about, haha but everyone has the potential to change!  It was funny because we talked to him when he walked out of the casino (because we walk right in front of it to get to our area) and when we said goodbye to him another one of our investigators walked out of the Bingo (that´s what the casino is called here) And the ¨Bingo¨ is right next to the ¨Shopping¨ (that´s what they call a mall here, haha).

So because we have a new mission president all of the legal stuff isn´t set in stone yet... For example, the mission presidents like sign checks for stuff that the mission does, but that hasn´t been finished yet so President Calquin can´t sign checks for the church yet... SOOO that means that pretty much the mission doesn´t have money, and no money means no tramites... Oh Shucks! haha, but I have been helping everyone else a little more and finishing tedious tasks for them that maybe they didn´t have time to do, but also Elder Thomas (the comp I had for a week) is coming back tomorrow!!! So I will keep training him for these 2 weeks and hoping that he memorizes everything, because if he doesn´t he will be making a lot of international calls because all of the other old viseros have all finished their mission so yeah... We´ll see what happens. 

Usually missionaries have like a 24 hour division with their district leaders but for some reason Elder Colmán and I had one for 30 minutes, but right as we got to our area we contacted every house on the first block, and one of the families let us in! The kids were super cute and right when we walked in the house one of the little kids screamed, ¨are you guys Japanese???¨ and the other one said ¨no they are from Paraguay!!¨ Well that was definitely a first... Haha me and my comp were dying.

There was a wedding reception in the stake center yesterday and since no one cleans the church we got the task to clean it... all that we had to work with was a broom, a squeegee, some bleach, and some floor was quite the feet.

Well hope all of you have a good week!!! 

Elder Ward

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