Monday, August 15, 2016


OK so yeah this last Monday we had interviews, and it was super awesome! President Calquin talked a lot about talking with everybody and testifying of Christ in EVERY opportunity that we get. And next week I will have my last interview with him, and I can´t believe that this is the second to last time that I will be writing you guys!!! My next email I will probably get super spiritual and make you guys cry a couple times so I will keep this email a little more on the lighter side of life, haha. But it was good, he is doing the interviews a little different from how President Thurgood did it but yeah different is good! Right?

A funny story, we were at a dinner appointemnt with some members and we shared a scripture and all that and the appointment was super good, and the moment was perfect to ask for referrals, and out of no where the dad of the house said that the other day he was reading the bible and that he made a conclusion on Noah´s ark and how Noah could actually manage the whole animals in the ark. He said that he didn´t take 2 of every animal BUT he actually took DNA of every animal species, and that way the boat was actually much smaller too so that everyone could fit on it... Uhh... Ok... AND after the the spirit went flying right out the window... WHOOSH! Haha but yeah we shared the scripture in Lucas that says for God nothing is impossible but that he does everything in a perfect dominion.

Every night that we are going out we just keep talking with more and more people! I just hope that as we are doing this we will be able to find the next reactivation or baptism. Elder Tobler has been here a really long time and he deserves a baptism! Let´s just hope that we keep working the way the Lord wants us to and then we will see the miracles.  There is a missionary that ended the mission here in adroguĂ© a couple transfers back and she told me this... We need to believe before we see, not see before we believe.

Next week we have 4 tramites planned so I will definitely be super super busy up till the last minute and I might have to rearrange some finishing missionaries plans so that I can make sure I can show Elder Thomas how to do all the visa stuff before I leave because well... After I leave I won´t be too close for questions, haha but luckily email exists!

Today we went shopping for some stuff that I want before I leave! It was really weird because we went like to a busy place and it´s a Saturday night... I felt like I was just kickin' it on the town, but as a missionary, haha. It was weird.

Well hope all of you have a good week! Something that I learned this week while I was reading The bible was something very interesting in Matthew 10:37.  It talks about that we should love God more then our families and that hit me... That´s some heavy stuff! It was weird to think that people I love so much should be put under somebody. But God is our All mighty and all powerful Father. He deserves it!!
Well I hope that you all enjoy this next week!!!

Elder Ward

p.s. wow this is weird... my second to last email... I CAN´T DO THIS!!! THIS IS SO WEIRD!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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