Sunday, July 31, 2016


Wow... Welll... IN THIS WEEKLY UPDATE. We had transfers, I got a new companion and lost him in the same week :´( , Elder Pozos had a birthday, we had english classes, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand same old same old... haha

So we had transfers this last week and we did it a different way because the last transfers were TERRIBLE. And they were really confusing for everybody and there were taxis everywhere. So this time we decided to put everyone in buses and actually it went super super well! Except for one part... Right when we went to go open the offices we put the key in the door and it wouldn´t open. so we decided to go ask the propiedades (like the people that fix the churches and that stuff) to see if they could call a locksmith. But then the guy came over and he just tried to open the door with the keys and then told us that the door was jammed. Yeah. THANKS! Yeah the ambiente was a little tense that morning because we had 140 missionaries showing up over there and we couldn´t even open the door... Haha But in the end it all came out good! We did it a lot faster and saved a ton of money doing it this way! Yay!

So I got my new comp that is named Elder Thomas... Aaaaand he was learning all the visa stuff really quick and then he actually had to leave. There was a new missionary that had to go home for problems that I don´t know, so they had to put him in there immediately.  It is the most dangerous area in the whole mission and the new comp that stayed hadn´t even been there for 4 days so yeah they sent Elder Thomas because he knows that area very well because he was there for a couple transfers. But he was sad that he had to go but supposedly he will be back in a couple weeks to finish his training before I go!

Elder Pozos (el Mexicano) had his birthday this past Thursday! And he turned 26! Wow... a little old, haha but he is awesome, he is a convert of 2 years and none of his family are members and he is a super trooper and he just rocks everyone's socks off!

We went prosylyting this week and we just keep searching for people! We had a lesson with some less actives that were actually progressing super well! BUUUT. (there is always a but, haha) the father of the family relapsed and started to drink and smoke again so we have to keep working with him! The wife is so willing to help and she is super active and an awesome member. But yeah we are just trying to little by little to improve sacrament attendance.

Sorry if I am just rambling a bit. Have a good week!

Elder Ward

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