Monday, November 2, 2015


I am getting transferred!!!.  Well I  am now heading to a new area called Ezeiza.  It is right next to the airport that brought me here to Argentina... Not going to try to escape! I promise! But it`s going to be good. I will be opening up the area with my new fresh Greenie!! WOO!! It is going to be a ROLLER COASTER!!

Of course yesterday was hard.  We went to church and then I said goodbye to 3 families. Luckily I was kind of  prepared because I had been thinking a lot that I was going to leave so it didn't hit me very hard, but I was still super sad! 

Transfer days are super crazy!  I woke up at 5, finished packing, got ready, and then a taxi came and picked us up at 8. We got to the offices around 9. Waited for an hour, and then the transfers started at 10. Everyone left and found their new comps, I talked to some mission friends (Ellie Holt says thank you so much for the package!!).  Then I left with other trainers to stay in their areas tonight.  We went to eat at an all you can eat buffet and it only costed 95 pesos (which is like $9.50).  It was super awesome! They had an Argentine grill, sushi, fish, just like everything, we stayed there for 2 hours eating. And I am. SO. FULL. 
Well 2 days this week my comp and I were doing exchanges and being with other missionaries in other areas. It was really good, honestly there were a lot of miracles that happened in both areas. Where I was  we found a guy that wants to be baptized as soon as possible, and we found other less actives that said that they were for sure coming to church this Sunday! The area that Elder Avila went to had 2 youth commit to serve missions that didn't want to before! He also taught and almost made a whole family cry from the spirit being so strong in a lesson!! Just miracles all around!

There were also 2 little kids in our area that had birthdays, the first was at the home of  a sister that feeds us every Tuesday.  Her daughter got baptized and turned 8.  The other birthday was the Bishops son that turned 1!  Man do Latins go serious with their parties! Even for 1 years old!  He`s not even gonna remember that party! Haha

Ok so super super bummer this week. We had set an appointment and we planned to go have a lesson with a recent convert, her 2 cousins, her brother, and her aunt... 2 new investigators, and they all wanted to come to church on Sunday. So we called them in the night and we set up the appointment. The next day we went through our  routine, had some lessons and then that night we had a Noche do Hogar at the Church.  As we were walking back to the pench we had realized that we had completely forgotten about the appointment that we had with the family. We called her that instant and asked forgiveness. She said that her family was really disappointed that we didn't come, and said they thought they had heard that we were ¨Representatives of Jesus Christ¨. When we got back to the pench I just dropped to my knees. I couldn't take it anymore, and I think that was the hardest I have ever cried in my whole mission. That night I asked for forgiveness from my Father. Hopefully I can do better and remember to be more organized!! 

I am dying laughing at Dad and Davie in their Kiss costumes!! Oh man those 2 are too funny. Literally I am only a little ashamed I have their blood in me... na just kidding, haha.

And wow. I can`t believe it about that shooting that happened with the Jacobs dad.  I know both of the Jacob kids. Sadly in Laferrere that happens like... 2 times daily. When we left to go to church in the morning on Sunday we saw like 4 fights that were super bad, and we just walk so fast so that we didn't get caught in them!!

But I am super glad that you all are safe and that nothing happened to you guys! I always have you all in my prayers! 

Love you guys so much! I`ll tell ya more about Ezeiza next week!!!

Elder Ward

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