Monday, November 9, 2015


I picked up my new companion on Tuesday.  His name is Gabriel Carrion and he is from Buenos Aires Capital.  He is actually a visa waiter like I was in Ventura, California.  He is waiting for his visa here and then he is heading off to the Mexico Cuerna Vaca mission. He was baptized at 12 and he was the only member for a while.  His sister got baptized later and  then a week before he went to the mission his mom got baptized!! so cool right!?!!?

Me and my new comp Elder Carrion, Elder Avila and his new comp Elder Kofford

I  went to the mission home to get him and then we headed out to our area.  We wrote down some directions, took a map and hit the road! It was a super good experience, I am glad that we hit it right off the bat. We are seeing a ton of miracles here in Ezeiza!!

We are working with 3 families. They all have a baptismal date for the 28th of November, because here in this stake the whole stake does one day for all of the baptisms in every ward ( no idea why) they they are called ¨white doors¨.... it is different then I have done in the past, but we will see how it goes.

The ward is GIANT!!  It has about 140 members and here in South America that is pretty dang good!! And yes they do feed me very well, there is a super sweet sister that sets up our lunches for us! But really this is a great ward, we are getting a lot of help from the members.  They are helping us by giving us references and places to go, and it is just all around awesome!  The members are telling me that the majority of the elders that have come here to this ward stay a long time and finish up their mission here,so i don`t know.  I still have 9 months left! HOLY COW! 9 MONTHS LEFT!!

Our pench is pretty great.  It used to be a sister`s pench so it is niiiice.  We are back on bikes which is both good and bad.  They both have their ups and downs, it`s easier to talk to everyone walking, but the bike is SOO much faster.  But they are sister`s bikes. They have little cute baskets on the front... Whoopee.

This last Sunday we had the stake conference and the stake presidency here in Monte Grande (the stakes name) and the president of the area South America South came here, he name is Elder Walter F. Gonzalez. He talked about a lot of stuff... He actually talked for 45 minutes almost, haha but 2 of the things that stuck with me were:

Keep the Sabbath day Holy.

Be an example to the coming generation. 

Actually the first presidency is trying to focus a lot on Sabbath day observance. The Elder Gonzalez told us to make a positive list of things that we should do on Sunday, and that we should avoid making a list of things that we shouldn't do.  So we should all do it!

He also explaned that the coming generations will be a light in the darkness to come. We can also be that light right now, but who will be it tomorrow? or after we have gone and passed away? We have to assure that the youth (yes I know I am included in that group because I am only 9) need to be like the song... I can`t remember what it is called in English, but it goes like this, the chorus...

Al erante marinero, ayudemos al salvar.

If we are light houses on the coast. we will save those lost sea men!!


Elder Ward

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