Monday, November 23, 2015


So this last week we challenged a lady to pray for her divorce to go through so that she could get married with her boyfriend.  Then  he can get baptized.  She said that 2 days after she started praying she got a call from her lawyer saying that it had gone through! WOO! So we are hoping that they can get married this next month and that the guy and their daughter can be baptized then too!!

This Sunday we were sitting in the priesthood class and one of the families that we are teaching showed up! WE WERE SO EXCITED! This last week we taught the ten commandments and when we got to the 4th commandment we explained that we shouldn't work on Sunday so that we can reserve that day solely for the Lord.  The husband said "Really?  I never knew!"  So this last Sunday he told us that it  was going to be the last Sunday that he was ever going to work in his life again! MIRACLES PEOPLE! MIRACLES!

So remember that my comp is from Buenos Aires.  Well, funny thing is that here in Argentina you have to go vote, so we had to go down to where he lives and vote or else he would get a HUGE fine, and President let us go over to his house for like an hour, so yeah, that was super weird. But it was good! I think it gave him a little push to see all his family there and they were super supportive and all the goods.  His family is amazing! And it was awesome to see Elder Carrion bearing testimony of the truthfulness of these things. It was just super powerful. I was moved. And his family was too.   I'm not sure how long it will take him to get his visa so he can go to Mexico.  We are going to capital this week to go and do like a visa interview, like they are gonna ask what he`s gonna do over there and blah blah blah, haha it should be fun. We are getting along really well!  Sometimes I think that he completely hates my guts, but I mean it`s hard to adjust to the mission life, so I take it easy on him, but at the same time I am firm because if he doesn't learn now, then it will hurt him later!!

Oh and we also got our hair cut this week so that`s pretty neat.  We are liking our bikes,  they are much nicer then the Rusty Steed that I had in my first area.  But they are a little feminine....

Well have a good week everyone and we`ll see ya next week! Just keep recognizing The Hand of the Lord in your lives! It is there always, even if it doesn`t seem like it!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to Grandpa Shields and Davie Ward!!

Elder Ward

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