Monday, October 26, 2015


This week we went to the temple, I would send pictures but I forgot to take my camera to the temple and Elder Avila`s Camera isn't working. But we went to the temple and it was so good! One of our converts  brought 2 of her cousins and they both are super awesome! They all said wanted to come to church on Sunday but....they didn't.  The whole ward was talking together and laughing.  It was just a way good experience! I got to see the niece and nephew of  one of my favorite families so I sent them some pics and a What`s Up (a texting/audio message app). And then 2 minutes later they had drawn a poster saying we miss you and everything! It was so awesome! The tender mercies of the Lord to keep pushing me to help other people have a conversion like theirs!!

On Sunday, Argentina voted for a new president, and Saturday night we received a message from our zone leaders that we had to stay in the pench all day Sunday because of the voting.  So we went to church, came back, cooked, slept a little, studied, and yeah.  I guess in some way it was nice to be in the pench all day but it was also terrible, haha.  I did fall asleep for like an hour but after that I was just on my feet wandering around the pench the whole day. But it was good! A little weird especially as a missionary.

You asked about a typical P-Day.  Here is our schedule today:

6:30 wake up and exercise
7-8 shower and breakfast
8-10:30 studies
11 we had a district activity.  We made tacos and watched the movie Singles Ward.  We only watched a little of the money because it took a TON of time to cook the tacos.
3:30 writing you guys, haha

And yeah that`s about it this week. It wasn`t really a super eventful week. We went and did some proselyting with some members of the ward, and we had a BUNCH of appointments planned but all of them except one on Friday fell through. It was a bummer because the members were super excited to go and visit our investigators and just none of them were there.  Luckily the members were still super motivated to teach and we were able to talk to a lot of people that weren't in our plans. I guess sometimes the Lord has different plans.  For example..We left on Wednesday with the Bishop to visit 2 families that we had appointments with, and they both fell through.  On our way to one of our citas we talked to a cabinet maker because the Bishop wanted some more cabinets in his house.  We ended up talking to him about the gospel.  He didn't accept us, but I just think that a lot of this work is about us planting seeds.  So that when the time comes and the plant has sprouted future missionaries can swoop in and save the day!!

Well I hope you guys have a great Halloween.  They don't really celebrate it here.  I mean you might see some candy that has a Halloween theme but that is about it. 

 Have a good week!! 

Elder Ward

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