Monday, October 19, 2015


Transfers are in two weeks and I have NO idea what will happen, I would love to know right now, but I can´t!!!!! I would love to stay here a little longer! I feel like a lot of good things are going to happen this next month! But I have no idea what will happen, I haven´t quite got a hold on what President Thurgood likes to do in transfers too much so yeah... I am just left here hangin.  It will be hard to leave here though.  This is the longest time I have spent in an area, and I have to really come to love the people here a lot!! And this is my 4th transfer here, so I have been here almost 6 months!!

Last P-Day we watched some movies as a district, we have 3 hours for our district activity and everyone just wanted to watch some moives, so we watched The Minions and Inside Out, and i made some delicious Sloppy Joe for the whole crew. It was a super lazy P-day, but we were all tired and hungry, haha. 

We also got to teach the family that I think I mentioned in the last email, they have 3 daughters (the mom is a less active) that want to be baptized!! WHOO!! We also found a friend of a member, and then a cousin of a member! So we are just getting loaded of the new people and the help of the members!! Really that is the only way to be a successful missionary! Is work with the members! There are an average of 100 in every ward that are active and at least 2 missionaries! 100 people can do a lot more then 2!

Elder Avila woke up one morning and said as if we were a TV show ¨Elder Ward, I know what we are gonna do today!¨ He had a dream that at 4 we went over to the house of a recent convert  (I was here when she got baptized) and there in his dream we started teaching her cousin. So this dream seemed too good to be true.  So we had to find out what would happen.  Lucky enough we went to her house, and her cousin was there and we taught her the restoration! What a miracle!

Also other miracle I got a letter from John Nelson... With a killer Thai tie in it... Haha Thai tie. 

And last night we ate some waffles after a  Family night with a family! It was good, I brought Peanut butter and Jam, and they bought NUTELLA!! Oh man that was good, it´s been a while since I had that stuff!!

We had a super good lesson with some recent converts.  Elder Avila and I studied up on commitments and what they really mean for somebody and how they truly help them progress in the gospel. Preach my Gospel said that leaving commitments with people is helping them with their process of repentance. If they complete with these commitments then it is a way to repent.

So this week we talked about having daily prayer with the family and between the husband and wife. They are going on vacation so we commited them to do it every day of the vacation. I think that we can also give ourselves commitments to keep getting better at the things in this life just start with the basics. There is always ways to improve in that area.

I love the mish!  the hardest thing to overcome has been Myself, haha. Just dropping it all on the plate and making the Lord´s Will mine. COMPLETELY. I still have a long ways to go. 

Well that was about everything that happened in my week! Hope all you guys have a good week!!

Elder Ward

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