Monday, October 5, 2015


Hello Everyone!!

We finally had a fun activity today!! We went to this  party place with skee ball, bumper cars, video games (no we didn`t play those, haha we can`t) and air hockey! It was pretty cheap so that was way fun! I felt like a kid  but I don`t even care, haha it was super fun, especially the bumper cars. Then we watched a movie and ate after, the movie was called Mobsters and Mormons. It was Pretty funny, kind of cheesy, and super over exaggerated but funny! Haha. Go watch it with the fam! I am sure dad will love the Guy in the movie, haha.

And that was our activity! Super fun, and I enjoyed it a lot! 

Well this weekend I was just blown away with a hurricane of inspiration from General Conference! It was so awesome. I just couldn't get enough! Can`t wait for the next one! I had a couple favorites.  

One of them was from President Monson, about being an example in word, conduct, faith, light, etc. 

The other was the testimony of one of the new Apostles Dale Renlund. He talked about how his calling wasn't about him, but it was about the Lord, and the Lord`s children that he will be serving. It made me think a lot about the calling that I have, and if I was serving like it was about me, or about the Lord. Me and my comp both decided that there were too many things that made it about us. So we have decided to change, and this week is going to be a different week, more work, more lessons, more investigators, and more about the Lord and his children.

This week we had quite the miracle, on our way back to the pench there is a a hospital that we pass by.  As we were passing by a member grabbed us and asked if we could give a blessing. We said of course, and gave a blessing to a woman who was not doing well and had very high blood pressure. When we gave the blessing the member thanked us and we left.

What would have happened if we weren't prepared with consecrated oil? Or worthy of our Priesthood? Was she cured? I don`t know. But I know that the Lord will be testing us in moments that we least expect. I know that Idid not expect that to happen at all. And only the Lord knows if we were truly prepared or not. So that was a pretty neat experience. 

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed General Conference and that everyone accepts the commitments that were given and that you do them! I can remember three specific ones! And if you don`t know what they are then read all the talks again! Haha but I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Ward

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