Monday, March 2, 2015


This week was pretty sweet. We worked with 2 of our investigators and just drilled them. We drilled them both for their coffee and  tea so that they could be ready for their baptism on the 14th. We have a bunch of coffee and tea in our pench right now... Hopefully our mission president doesn`t go in there any time soon! And also our investigator that had surgery is doing amazing! It all went perfect! We received a call from her husband on Thursday night after the surgery was over. She had a tumor in a major vein and usually when the doctors take it out there are a lot of problems.  They can easily hit other organs which means that have to do more surgery to put everything back together. BUT NOTHING BAD HAPPENED! The doctors took it out perfectly! We can`t go see her sadly because the hospital isn`t in our mission but we are planning on calling her tonight to see how she is! Thank you for your prayers for her!!!! 

Catch of the Day - 200 pesos of tea

 I do have a funny story.  Here in South America they use bidet (the toilet that shoots water) and here the knobs say F & C not H & C because frio is cold and caliente is hot. So I used the one that said C thinking it was cold... And I was gravely mistaken... As I was sitting on the bidet at first it felt fine, but 2 seconds later the water was literally boiling,  I jumped off of the bidet and hit my head on the wall.  I burnt my posterior... SOOOOOOOOO BAD, and it stung for like 4 days... Not fun... 

Odd Toilet Sign 

We just had a good week numbers wise too, so that`s always fun to see the work end up good both spiritually and numerically.

The members here feed us every day and it is not good for my waist.  I AM GETTING SO FAAAAAAAT..... Hopefully I can find a way to lose some weight fast! Because my pants aren`t growing like my stomach is! When I get home I will cook you all of my favorite Argentine food like Asado, Milenasa and Empanadas.  It is all so good!!!

Transfers are next week. We will not know until Sunday if either of us is getting transferred, but I am hoping that neither of us leave! I love my comp!! He`s so awesome! And I haven`t had a comp for more than one transfer so far! He`s my 7th comp for cryin' out loud!
Well hope all is well and that all these babies being born all stay good and that Lizzie and Clark name their baby Spencer because he is due on my birthday!  Congrats to Peter and Jessie and their cute baby Bennett.  The family is growing like crazy!!!

Love you all!!! And hope you have a good week!

Elder Ward

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