Monday, March 16, 2015


So this week was pretty sweet, especially because this week the members gave us 2 ASADOS (Argentine BBQ) for lunch!!! And it was seriously so good and I probably gained at least 5 pounds just from those, haha.  AND Also in food news, the main family we are working with wanted to eat something from the states and so I was thinking and thinking a ton for a food super American... And I came to the conclusion to make some good ol` SLOPPY JOES!!! OH YEAH! It was super good and I`ll send a pic of the final product. 

My Sloppy Joe Creation

Oh man, so this week we found out that there was a a part of our area that we hadn`t been to before so we were super excited and we were certain there was a baptism hidden in this new area! We went around contacting and we contacted a house. A girl came out and we started talking to her for a bit, but right in the middle of talking to her a dog tackled my comp and he fell flat on the ground. And Elder Benitez does not like Dogs. AT ALL. So he screamed  and I could not stop laughing. He didn`t talk to me for a little bit after that because he was so mad, but oh man. Too funny, haha. SO yup. Pretty neat.

But investigators wise. We have an investigator that we haven`t been able to find for a while, but we found him this week! And with good news too! He told us that he had been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon! Almost 50 pages! We were so excited to hear it! And then he explained to us that he didn`t really understand the begining of the book, so he had a briliant idea (this is what HE said), he told us that he started to read the Book or Mormon from back to front so that he could understand it easier... We asked him what he understood and he said nothing... Well at least his heart was it the right place right?

Also this week we found a TON of new people to teach! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! Practically every person we talked to in the street wants us to come back and talk to them, but we will see if they are telling the truth or not! Because that happens a lot down here. Even the little kids lie and tell us their parents aren`t home when I can see the parents sitting in the front room watching the TV... but what ya gonna do right? 

Well I love the Church and the gospel... Like a lot, cause it is super true and I am super excited to keep preaching it for another year and a half!!! Crazy to think that already 7 months have passed by! Well love you all! Have a good week!!

Elder Ward

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