Monday, March 9, 2015


We are not getting transferred!!! We found out last night!!! And it was super stressful but we are both working together for another whole transfer! Hopefully President doesn't change anything before the next transfer!

Everything worked out great with the package/suitcase.  It was perfect! A member went to the temple to pick it up and we took a taxi from the members house to the pench because it was so MASSIVE!!! I thought it was just going to be a little package but it`s HUGE! I was definitely content when I saw it! I think it`s the biggest package in missionary history!

This week we had a little trouble finding people to teach, and it was super hot here, like really hot. But on Sunday and Saturday, Elder Benitez and I just worked super hard despite the heat and had some miracles!! We found 2 GIGANTIC families to teach! So we are super excited for that! Like I said Elder Benitez and I will keep working together and we are super excited! We are super good friends and we have enjoyed our time together! And we are excited to be here for the baptism of some of our favorite people ever!

Some art work made just for me from one of my favorite families!

Not much happened this week... A lot of heat and for some reason a lot of rejection, but this week we learned a lot that even though we don`t see success in the very moment we might have success in the future!

Elder Benitez at the BBQ

I was sad that I couldn`t be at the Aggie game!!! I love that so much! Glad gramps is doing good and that he is going strong with his Aggie pride!! Because I am too!! Haha. 

I'm sorry that this weeks letter is short... despite the shortness of the letter I am so grateful for the prayers that are said in my behalf! I had such a great feeling during this week sacrament meeting, a feeling of renewed strength! And I know it was from your prayers! I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Elder Ward

Walking up the stairs to my pench

And you wonder why I've gained a little weight

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