Monday, March 23, 2015


OK. So this week was pretty awesome, especially because it is officially Autumn!!! And it has finally cooled down a little bit! It`s still hot but we aren`t being during the day! WOOHOO!!

Getting pumped to get wet (baptize)!!

In other words, investigators really haven`t changed much, we still have our main Family that have been amazing from the start!  They are doing super awesome as always! We going to have a Noche de Hogar (family night) with them at 6:30 tonight! And we are going to bake them some brownies! Also they tried the peeps and they said they were way too sugary, haha only one of the little girls liked it.  

We have really been focusing on finding other people to teach and reactivating less actives.  We have an investigator.  He is a super stud and wants to do everything except go to church! This last weekend he went to a car race (I wanted to go SOO BAD) with his friend that was a sailor that spoke English! So that was super fun to talk to him! 

This week we also found an old investigator.  He speaks English super super well and it`s super weird because our first visit with him I taught the restoration of the gospel in ENGLISH.... IT WAS SO HARD! During the whole lesson I had to translate the lesson back to English because I have taught that lesson so much I just have it memorized!

Also funny story, Elder Benitez is trying to learn more English, so we started to do practices in English, during one of the practices he accidentally said the the families could be sold (in place of sealed) for time and all eternity... I don`t think people are going to want to go to the temple if they will be sold into slavery for all of time and eternity, haha but it`s ok, I tried to say tail one day (cola) and I said the bad word for butt... Just a testimony that no ones perfect right? Haha.

Elder Benitez and I are great! We are pretty good buds, haha we have our little episodes, but we are way good friends, I hope I`ll be able to visit him after the mission!

Well I love you all. A LOT! Hope you all can feel it through my prayers for you! Hope everyone has a good week! 

Love, Elder Ward

P.S. My Spanish is coming along well - Si! Mi espanol es mejorando cada dia, ahora Elder Benitez esta enseñando me como hablar en la forma VOS es una forma de 3 para decir YOU en español. Estoy re agradecido para tener un companero latino y por todo su ayuda!!

Best Cereal Ever!!!

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