Monday, March 30, 2015


Ok so this week we did some pretty neat things. We had a GIGANTIC ACTIVITY IN THE CHURCH!!! We did a ton of service, and we had divisions with the other elders in our district! And a funny story... 

The Gigantic activity was with the ward and was on my birthday so it was a pretty awesome birthday present! We had an activity called MI GIRA POR LA VIDA or My tour of Life, something like that, and it was so awesome! We had 5 activities, Video games, a dance, Mormon messages, a family night, and a secret (iron the missionaries shirts) and the people had to choose 3 of the five activities, and depending on their decisions they would be separated in to the kingdom`s of glory depending on what they chose! Elder Benitez and I have been planning this activity for WEEKS! And it turned out so freakin awesome! We had so many people come!! At least like 150! We had members, less actives, and non-members! IT WAS SO SUCCESSFUL! Best birthday present ever!  Best birthday present a missionary could get (aside from all the cards and the clothes I got from mom!! THANK YOU!!)

During the week we cleaned up this old ladies house and it was so awesome. We took all of the weeds, pieces of couches (no idea why they were in her backyard) and threw it all in her old pool, then we just lit it all on fire. No that was not my idea, it was the member`s idea.  Here in Argentina they just burn garbage a ton and no one cares... even though I am pretty sure it`s illegal.

After the service we had divisions with the other elders, and I got put with an Elder that just got here! He has only been out 2 months! So I was the senior companion and I was SOO STRESSED!! But all is well that ends well, and the divisions ended amazing! We found like 3 new people to teach and found a less active while talking to people and asking for references!

The investigators are all the same, our best Family, and then some other people, haha.  Not this Saturday but the next, the mom and a daughter of the family will be baptized!! We are so excited for it! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!!!

But I am excited for General conference and I hope everybody else is to! I hope that everyone approaches it with a well thought-out question that you want answered! Pray about it and even fast about it so that you can receive personal revelation!! I promise you will not regret it!

And the funny story is that while I was sleeping last night one of the beams in my bed broke, and I rolled off the bed in the middle of the night because it broke... Guess I better eat less and exercise more!
Well I hope you all have a wonderful conference weekend and that everyone will be able to receive personal revelation this weekend! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Ward

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