Monday, April 6, 2015



Conference was awesome!! We went to the stake center to watch it! We had plans to watch it in the houses of members with some investigators but every member backed out at the last second... BUT all`s well that ends well. We still had people go all the way out to the stake center to watch it!!! WEEKEND FULL OF MIRACLES!

Obviously we listened to it in Spanish.  There were words in particular that I could not understand but I always understood the context of everything! So I was just doing great, it took me a couple talks to adjust to it, but it was awesome!

I am pretty used to hearing Spanish by now, haha, I think in spanish, read in Spanish, talk in spanish, dream in Spanish... And sometimes I honestly can`t remember English words! So that`s good! Haha

We had to move our baptism because the dad  works on Sunday and obviously his wife wants him to confirm her (converts get comfirmed on the following sunday) and the dad is a member! He`s just been less active for a really long time, but now he has come back!!  BOOYAH! We don't do much for the baptisms, in this ward the mission leader makes the baptism program! SO all we do is clean the baptism font and fill it!! But the baptism will be the 18th!

The main thing that happened this week were conference and a AMAZING EXPERIENCE of a less active named N****.

We have been passing by her house since got we got here, and she just hasn't been coming back to church or making any changes... BUT this weekend she she went to every session, and brought a friend to almost every one! and she told us an experience she had. She thought that on Sunday the first session was at 9 in the morning, but it wasn`t obviously, and even less in Argentina because the first session starts at 1, so then she walked home (her house is VERY far from the stake center) and was very mad at God for not telling her to go later so that she didn`t waste time. Then right after she had that thought she heard a voice tell her, Daughter, be still, and know that I am with you...... I AM JEALOUS! haha no, but this was just a testimony for me that God is always watching us, and that things happen for a reason. When she returned to her house her daughter asked her why she was so happy even though she got to the stake center and no one was there, and she told her because God is happy because I am TRYING!

That reminds me of a talk in General  Conference that I can`t remember that talks about how Saints are sinners WHO KEEP TRYING! So keep trying everybody! Even if you fail! It`s ok! The failures are there to make us better! 

Love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Ward

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