Monday, April 20, 2015


We found out about transfers and the bad news is that Elder Benitez is leaving... I AM SO SAD!!! I was hoping that we were going to stay together for just one more transfer, but he`s already been here for 4.5 months, and that is SUPER long. 

This transfer meeting is Wednesday at 10 in the morning it starts, we have a little devotional, and then we find out who goes where, I`ll send a video just to show you how crazy the transfers are... Everyone is screaming so hard, especially to welcome the new missionaries... It`s just super nutz.

 OH MY GOSH THE BAPTISM WAS SO AWESOME!!! Literally I cannot describe how I felt because it would take HOURS!! There were so many emotions running through me I just couldn`t say it all, haha but to sum them all up... EPIC! 

So the day of the baptism was awesome, the program started with a cousin and sister of the dad (who are members obviously) gave talks about baptism and the holy ghost! They both talked about how important these things are and how baptism is the first covenant that we make to our father in heaven to start out journey in our life in the church! After the two talks Elder Benitez and I sang Nearer My God To Thee (Mas Cerca Dios De Ti) and as we were looking at the congregation we saw that the little girl being baptized, turned 8 years this past week started crying because of how beautiful it was!! I almost couldn`t keep singing because I started to cry when I saw her cry!! The whole baptism was just a bunch of crying and happiness!!

Then we went into the room with the baptismal font to watch the baptism. The dad was SOOO NERVOUS!! But he was super worthy, he told us he had been reading the scriptures all week, and saying his prayers every day to prepare for the baptism. The little girl went first and it was just awesome. So pure that little girl! And When she was baptized the mom just started bawling. She was so happy. The mom went next, she wouldn`t bend down all the way, so he put all of his weight on her to go down!!! Haha it was kinda funny. He almost went all the way under too.

After the ordinance they all bore their testimonies. 

The dad testified about how he knew for a fact that this is and was the only church on the earth that has the proper authority to baptize and to do all of the saving ordinances. He also promised that he would NEVER leave the church again. He bore testimony that he knows that the missionaries came at the right time because before Elder Benitez and I, when missionaries asked to visit them they wouldn`t let them in. And he testified that God helps us when we really desperately need it. 

The mom said that me and Elder Benitez were her little Angels sent from heaven in this time of her life (yes I started bawling when she said that) and that she was super super happy that she now has the opportunity to be sealed with her family for time and all eternity!! And I can`t wait to see them at that sealing!!!

And the little girl talked about how baptism was necessary to be able to live with her family in heaven forever! She was so cute! Couldn`t hardly stand it!

And then all the organizations did their welcomes and then that was it!

Sunday we had the confirmation of the 2 and I gave a blessing to their younger girl who is not 8 yet. It was such an amazing experience! And yeah that`s pretty much it... But it was awesome! 

Things that happened besides the baptism were that an old investigator that we have was in her front yard and looked super worried. As we talked with her we found out that her husband hadn`t returned from a party, and she thinks that he left with another women! And this is the second time that it has happened!! As we were talking to her we taught her about the atonement and the forgiveness that we need to have for others when we are harmed by their sins. And it was just super sad, we have been stopping by every day and giving them some noodles to eat because they have no money with out the work of her husband. WHY IS THIS WORLD SO DUMB!?!? 

And yeah that`s pretty much it... But I hope you all had a good week, and that this week to come will be even better! Keep up your prayers, and keep readin doz scriptures! Love you all!

Elder Ward

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