Monday, April 13, 2015


Ok. Here we go. So this week we found a family that just moved to the area that are less actives, and they are AWESOME!! They just decided they wanted to go to church, so they went to church this past Sunday and nobody was there because it was General Conference, but they left their address so we could go visit them!! I just Love them! We are going to have a family night with them this week, and it is going to be so amazing. Miracles just keep happening! Freaking love the missionary life!

Transfers are next week.  I think Elder Benitez will go, but I hope not! He is probably one of my favorite companions!! But he has been here for 4 months and usually that is the limit with President Robertson.

We also had a man approach us this week  (I totally thought he was going to rob us) but he said hey why did you guys stop teaching me in my house??? long story short we are teaching him now. He came with us to church this Sunday and he was so happy! Things like that just make me feel so glad to be a missionary. Bringing pure and lasting happiness into the lives of others!!! OH YEAH!

We also have a new friend! There is a neighborhood that we have been doing a lot of work in. And there is a dog that lives there. The dog  ALWAYS follows us around. The barrio (neighborhood) calls it Sophia, and it follows us to our visits, when we go in the house it waits outside and when we finish it continues to follow us! I`m pretty sure the dog recognizes us as representatives of Jesus Christ more then half of the people we talk with. But whatever, that`s ok I guess....

Well I love you all and thank you all for your support! This week was super fun! Hope you had a fun one too!! See ya next week. 

Elder Ward

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