Monday, April 27, 2015


I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Steck and he is from Ephriam, Utah.  He has been out 13 months, and he`s awesome! He`s such a cowboy! He seriously has used a giant belt buckle his whole mission!! LOVE IT!

It was hard to say goodbye to Elder Benitez, but I know that I`ll see him obviously and can`t wait to see him in Utah one of these days!!

So the next transfer I have will determine which mission I end up in.  If I stay here for the next transfer (which I doubt I will) I think I will go to the South mission for sure.  But whatever happens, it`s all good because the mission is the same everywhere and I know I will be blessed wherever I serve!

The family that just got baptized are doing so good!  We saw them this Sunday and they just had smiles the whole day. There is an older lady that is a member that lives by them.  They have become super good friends with her now and they help her get to church and with all of her books and stuff, it`s super cute!
Ok. So this week, the first 3 days after transfers (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) we were only let into a house by one person..  So there was a looooooooooooot of walking those days, and a lot of changing our plans because we always visited all of our plans without success... 

And then came Saturday...

On Saturday we had an appointment with someone that was named Adrian, we went to the appointment not thinking that he was going to let us in because that is seriously the 50th time we have came by with no success.  We found him like the first week I was here. But when we got to the door, instead of saying he didn't have time, he let us in.... I WAS SO CONFUSED!!! What happened to this man?? Ok so we went in and he told us that he had been thinking about about his life and he felt guilty. He knew that all we wanted to do was share the gospel with him and he didn't let us in. Well of course we forgave him, then I said the prayer to start the lesson.  I asked that Heavenly Father would bless Adrian and protect his family or something like that.  Then I heard him start crying during the prayer. When we finished he told us that he lied to us and that his name wasn't even Adrian.  After that moment I just felt that like he really, really sincerely wanted to hear us and listen to what we had to say. 

So we kept going and it was just a super awesome lesson.. That experience taught me that no matter how cold or mean people seem, we are all children of God and all have the divine ability to change and make ourselves better than we were the day before. So with this experience I invite you ALL to make a change! And use that wonderful gift of agency that you all have. Because we have it for a reason, and I can tell you that we don`t have it to just have it... But to use it!  Well those are the wise words from Elder Ward this week I guess. Haha, have a good week everyone! 

Elder Ward

Picture sent from his previous companion Elder Benitez titled "Super Ward"

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