Monday, May 4, 2015


We haven`t been having too much success, the whole zone actually, usually the whole zone (10 companionships) finds like 8  people to teach every week but this week there were 4 pairs with 0 and the most we had was 3... So it was a rough week and we hope that no one drops. We really have been working the hardest that I  have worked in my mission so far to find new people. But it just isn't fishing out. We were really down last night because the zone leaders made a call to the zone and kinda told us what was up. But yeah, what ya gonna do? Haha the mission definitely has it`s ups and downs.

So yeah that was this week, we just walked a LOT! Hardly had any lessons with new people, but we taught a lot of menos activos (less actives), and had a lot of plans for them to go to church. But none of them showed up. In the Gospel Principles class for the new or returning people, there was no one.... NOOOOOO ONE!!! So that didn't feel too good, and now it`s starting to get cold... Haha so the mission life is just going pretty dandy right now! No but it really is, I haven`t been desanimado (please translate dad, I am starting to forget English) yet! (Translation is downhearted).  I keep going with a smile on my face! Everyone has their strengths, and I think this is one of mine! I just gottta keep on keepin' on and hope for the best!

And I finally saw Joshie's article in the Liahona.  So Awesome!!  Super proud of you Josh!!

Love you all and I hope that everyone has a good day!!!

Elder Ward

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