Monday, May 18, 2015


Cordoba, Argentina Temple
This week I felt the spirit so strong!!  It was yesterday in the morning! We had the opportunity to attend the temple dedication of a temple in Cordoba,Argentina! It was super awesome! We went to the stake center and watched it and it had such a great spirit!  We had to wake up at 5:00am to get there so it was a little bit hard to stay awake, but I loved it!! I am so sad that I can`t go to the temple as often as I want to  as a missionary, but I know that during these 2 years I need to dedicate this time to the saving ordinances of the living for right now.  But the temple dedication was so cool! I think this is my 3rd, Brigham City, Ogden, and now Cordoba!  And the M****** family are doing good! They were also able to go the temple dedication so that was awesome for them! They loved it!!

Transfers are in two weeks and we will know about all the mission changes.  I don`t think I will be going to the South mission.  We will see if I stay here in Madero or if I go somewhere else, but no worries! I will be happy wherever I go!
The weather is nice! Right now it is a little hot, which is super weird but it`s supposed to be getting colder, which I am super excited for because I HATE walking around in the sun and sweating all day! Haha.

You asked about the most important thing that I brought from home.....UHhhhhhhhhhh....... That would definitely have to be my... Tooth paste... And the modern convenience I miss the most is...
CLEAN WATER!!! I just want to be able to put my mouth under the faucet and drink it!!!
Well this week we found some more new people! This last week the boy that was supposed to get baptized wasn't quite ready, so we have been looking super hard for a miracle baptism this month! We found some really awesome people! But I don`t think they`ll be able to be baptized this month either... But that`s ok!

Elder Weston and I on splits

One of the people we found is named P****, he almost got baptized like 20 years ago but then his wife told him that she would leave him if he did, so he didn't and then she left him anyways.  He is working on some of his challenges and he is also a Priest in an African religion, so we have some things to work through.

Time for a hair cut!

We found a super cool family too! They were taught by the missionaries a long time ago and decided to let us teach them again! They really want to be sure that they choose the right church because they want their kids to grow up in the true church, so that`s super awesome! We are planning to have more lessons with them this week.

Well that`s about it this week, can`t wait to tell ya about the next one and I hope that you all have a good week!!

Elder Ward

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