Monday, May 11, 2015


Yesterday was Awesome!! We went to church, had a super huge diner with a member, visited a less active, and then went to call home! It was hard because we had a lot of technical problems and we didn't know how to fix them, soooo yeah we were trying to fix them for a really long time...

It is great because I don't even get homesick after we talk.  I know I will see all of you guys again, so no worries! all is well, haha

This week we have been having a little more success in finding people luckily! This week we found 8 people, so that`s a lot better then we have been getting but there`s always room for improvement! We found two super super awesome people especially!

One is named O****, he was a guy that was living in a super crappy trailer and we didn't even think anyone lived in it to begin with. But he let us in and we had a super awesome lesson with him, and hoping that he will get baptized! 

The other was named S*****, she is a friend of some old investigators that we had and we couldn`t even teach her! She was asking so many questions it was just so awesome! We were there for like 2 hours answering questions, and then we had to leave to get to the pench on time, so we are hoping that those two progress enough this week so that we can have some baptisms! I have been wanting one for a while now! And those were really the only miracles that happened this week. I am sure that there are more I just can`t remember them right now. 

Well I love you all so much and I hope that you have a good week! It was so good to see a bunch of people on Sunday and I cannot wait to see you guys again in 7 months for Christmas! Don`t worry mom that time will go by faster then you know!

Love ya!

Elder Ward

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