Monday, February 23, 2015


This week was pretty sweet! But first off, keep our investigator in ALL of your prayers please! She is having surgery today and they are removing a tumor that they found in a major vein (vena cava) and she is having that surgery right now! So yeah. You are all awesome! But anyways...

Being with Elder Benitez has really helped my Spanish a lot.  He corrects me when I say something wrong which is nice, some of my old comps wouldn`t correct me and so I learned to speak wrong, but now I am doing good! I feel like it`s skyrocketing! We only speak English in the night when we are at the house to help Elder Benitez learn. 

These are called Pupusas, they are from El Salvador, where Elder Benitez is from

This week we had lots of contacts with athiests for some reason... like 10. Not sure why, but it was kind of depressing.  To see all of those people that don`t believe in God and refuse to believe in Him. Some were nice about telling us... Others were a little more, blunt. But oh well, what ya gonna do.
They all had their excuses as to why God doesn`t exist and blah blah blah, but one time we were talking to an atheist and he said that it doesn`t make sense how God put a baby in Mary without having relations with her, and my comp read a scripture that said God is all powerful and all knowing and He does what He wants, and after the scripture the guy was just like, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... there was an awkward pause for like 10 seconds and then he slammed the door, haha it may have been one of those times that ya had to be there but it was pretty funny. He had NO idea what to say! 

We also had 3 people in sacrament meeting! It was amazing and they loved being in church! We have been teaching them for about 2-3 weeks and they are supposed to get baptized on the 7th on March! So hopefully we are going to get to that goal. 

Something that I learned this week that I would like to share is we really need to share the gospel with everyone!!! and yes, that means EVERYONE!!! Share it with your friend, your friends dog, or your monkey`s uncle! Just everyone! Even people you don`t know! Because yesterday we were walking trying to talk to somebody else right before we had to go back to the pench, and we saw a family siting on a blanket out in a park, me and my comp looked at them for a while... Then looked at each other and said yeah... They need the gospel, turns out that they have 2 kids with special needs and they just don`t know what do do. We taught them about the restoration of the gospel and emphisized that we have the restored power of God on the earth today. It was super cool and very powerful! 

The experiences of sharing the gospel are unique and unforgetable! So get out there and share it!! I love you all and I promise you that you won`t regret sharing the gospel! But you will regret not sharing it! and I leave you with a BURNING testimony that this is the only true church on the earth today! And share that in the name of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Ward

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