Monday, February 16, 2015


Well this week the family we are teaching  just keep being studs. The mom who is not a member yet, invited her mother to church! So we went over Saturday night and watched the Joseph Smith movie and pretty sure she felt the spirit afull afull, and then she didn`t come to church the next day because I think she knew that she would feel the same thing that it was true, so she didn`t come, haha but no worries. We also had another investigator in church. She it super awesome and I just feel so bad for her. Her mother moved back to Bolivia (that`s where she is form) and every time we go over she starts to cry and says that she feels lonely... SO glad that our relief society are studs because they received her so well and she felt so welcome!!! 

Today and tomorrow is carnival here in Argentina. It is a big national holiday.  We are actually doing something special for our community! We are singing 2 hymns at a big park where they are celebrating ,  I am super nervous because it will be in front of like hundreds of people!!! So wish me luck! We are singing Joseph`s smith`s first prayer, and brightly beams our father`s mercy. so hopefully the lord blesses us with impeccable voices!

Another cool story for the week I like to call it...  Beer for a Book.  

So what happened is that we were out it the street and we went and contacted a guy. His only dream in his life is to have a house. He has been homeless his whole life and sells cardboard that he finds in the dump for his money for food. So we had a super powerful lesson with this guy and my comp felt prompted to ask the guy to do an exchange.  A Book of Mormon for the beer he had just recently bought. I thought my comp was crazy! I thought that there is no way that he would exchange! But sure enough he did. After that I bought him some juice so that he could have something to drink and we went on our merry way. So I challenge you people that read this to do the same! Ask to exchange and see what happens, promise the people the blessings that the Book of Mormon will bring to their life and I am sure one person will  make the exchange. 

Love you all and hope that you all have a good week !

Elder Ward

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