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September 17, 2014

OK! I’ve gots lots of stuff to tell ya! The main thing is that I am not going to Argentina right off the bat. I did not receive with my visa and I am going to receive my temporary assignment on this Thursday or Friday. I was super bummed when i first found out but now I'm pretty excited! I mean who gets to say that they served in TWO mission areas during their mission?? Yeah not too many, but I will still be in the states for sure which will be good, I will be able to still receive packages and mail a lot faster. Other things that have happened was one thing that was super funny is that the rest of the district is across the hall from us and they ran out of toilet paper and they came over to our apartment and stole our last role, and then we decided that we had to settle this like men. We played a game of rock paper scissors to see who would win the last roll. I obviously won and my companions were so excited, it was actually extremely intense and epic!!

We also were privileged to listen to Richard G. Scott talk to us on the Tuesday night devotional and it was AMAZING!!! He talked about just simply prayer, but the talk was so powerful because you could tell by the way he talked he had a extreme testimony about prayer. I was probably about 20 feet away from him which was cool.

One of my ties broke (the little strap on the back that holds the small part of the tie in place) and I totally sewed it back together! I was proud of myself because that was the first time I have ever sewn anything in my life, and I did a pretty good job I must say so myself!

The only time I needed to get into my ARG bag was to get out my umbrella, but other than that it was a FLAWLESS packing job! Love you so much mom! and I probably won't be able to email for 2 weeks because I will miss the field email day because I will traveling on Monday or Tuesday but I will be able to in 2 weeks on Monday! love you so much mom!!
On our shuttle bus

Suckers from mom

Elder Alexander

My district at the MTC map

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